Promote tennis in East Texas Communities with youth of all ages



  • Playdays

  • Camps

  • Socials

  • Festivals

  • Booths (w/special needs associations)

  • Begin a ladies or men’s tennis league

  • Church League

  • Intramural League - any school, any age. Start one at your company

  • Reinvigorate any tennis community in North East Texas

  • School program, gym or after school start or renew

  • Community Tennis Association organize or vitalize

Expectations & Compensation:

  • Coordinate your activities with USTA-TX to insure your efforts fit with USTA-TX plans, initiatives and programs

  • NETXcta will pay up to $30 / hr for up to 10 hours of time per month that contribute to a minimum of three different events.

  • You keep 100% of event income and stipend as above. (Our experience is charging even a few dollars creates value and improves attendance)

  • You may be compensated for superlative results or exceptional efforts.

  • You will please attend our officers meetings and supply a report of hours and activities monthly (Attending meetings does not count as hours although we will compensate you for mileage to attend)

Updated: October 2, 2017