NETX 2019 Strategic Plan                                               modified: January 2, 2019


SHORT TERM GOALS (1-2 years)


Maintain and grow our core assets: USTA Leagues, is our first priority. Growing leagues provides NETX the funds to support grassroots tennis. We have increased the league fees with no apparent loss of participation.


Increase tennis participation: We have accumulated funds in treasury over the last few years. We are trying initiatives to grow areas of the game we feel have potential with Youth Engagement Coordinators


Communicate better, both to our Board Member and to our Participants: We will solicit grant requests from our tennis community, inform and thank league participants, and in general get the word out about what we have to offer and how we are contributing to our communities. In 2018 a social media officer / PR person has propelled these efforts by developing our website and an increased Facebook presence to interface with the community, by informing them and receiving their feedback.  We are requesting funds to continue and enrich our social media presence.


Motivate our team captains:  We want to better recognize, cultivate and encourage this volunteer group. The captains are huge contributors to the success of the leagues and tennis growth. We are exploring different ways to communicate better with them and provide incentives to recognize and encourage their participation, especially as it pertains to recruiting new tennis players. We have captain’s awards and plan to expand our awards and participation incentives.


Have increased Board Participation in USTA calls and education opportunities: We want to try to schedule these events in the busy lives of our board members to increase awareness of available resources and opportunities that would serve and build our tennis community.


Support new WTA Challenger Tournament in Tyler

An $80,000 WTA challenger event was moved to Tyler for 2017 (from Scottsdale). The tournament is free to the public for the first five days. Obviously, an amazing opportunity for our communities to see professional tennis. The organizers want to keep and grow the tournament in Tyler.

In 2019 and beyond we will seek input, direction, and funding from USTA-TEXAS. We will maintain our support and increase diversity and inclusion of schools and other appropriate groups. In 2018 we budgeted $5,000 to help schools field trip to our professional tournament.


LONG TERM GOALS (3-5 years) 

Community Tennis Courts

Develop a vision and a tentative path forward for enlisting “partners” to help renovate 1-2 local community tennis courts in our area (Pollard, Bullard, and Longview area).


Board Expansion

Create a list of potential candidates to diversify and maintain excitement on our NETX board to provide new ideas, youth, and energy to our association. (With the goal of replacing ourselves in 3-5 years).


WTA Challenger Tournament

In conjunction with the USTA and over the next few years, we should increase our contribution in money and human resources to the WTA challenger tournament in Tyler.