Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of Officers Meeting October 8, 2020

(Modified: October 26, 2020)

Present were: Andrea B, Edward K, Gary O, Meg R
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  1. 6:00 pm Meeting called to order

  2. Old Business

    1. Growth Path for NE TX tennis 2019, 2020 and Beyond (support USTA-TX CTA initiative PDF process)

  3. New Business - conditionally approved by email quorum

    1. 6:11 Discuss support of RBC Challeng pro tournament which is called Bellatorum Pro Classic this year.
      Andrea and Meg will meet new director of tennis at TASC, Rob Lowe and discuss options

    2. Approve changes for USTA adult leagues as suggested by Andrea.

    3. Review new rules for USTA adult leagues. Self rated players must play 3 or 4 matches to qualify for sectional and nationals respectively

    4. Email:

      1. 3/6 Delia CTA newsletter. We're encouraged to do Health Index At next meeting <HL> link is here

      2. 3/13 Delia: Capacity Building Grant award letter. $2,450 for 2020.  <HL> as a PDF

        1. Webinar on 3/25 Social Media: <HL> register here

      3. Hopefully everyone is getting emails from Delia USTA Texas and Beau USTA national

      4. 9/24 Calendar from Delia. <HL> see the calendar and register here 

      5. 10/5 Quarterly Call for CTAs with USTA - Texas  <HL> meeting notes

  4. Ending Items:

    1. Next meeting is to be announced as appropriate given pandemic circumstances

    2. 6:20 Meeting Adjourned