Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association, Inc.

Minutes of Officers and Board Meeting held October 5, 2021

(Modified October 8, 2021)

Present were: Mark H, Edward K, Gary O, Meg R, Melody W

  1. 12:00 Meeting called to order

  2. Minutes of last meeting approved

  3. Treasurer's report approved as presented.  

    1. Alex is resigning for 2022.  Run candidate ideas by Deb before asking​
      Accounting / bookkeeping expertise preferred. Would be great if they could start this year and have training and migration done - ready for 2022.​​

  4. 12:06 Report on Tyler Pro Tournament

    1. activities involving schools restricted due to Covid

    2. Kids day will be hosted by TAS on Saturday

    3. Logistics for silent auction is too "complicated" for this year

    4. Metroplex is getting a 250 WTA event. They raised $30,000 with an associated Golf Tournament

      Their non profits include John Isner's Foundation (Thanks Mark for this info)

    5. Pickleball Tournament as a fundraiser ?

  5. 12:11 Mark H is our CSC (Thanks again for coming Mark! Katy R., Ms. CSC Texas, will likely also attend when invited))

    1. Mark is JTT coordinator for Texas Section; reported, "Ben is doing great."

    2. Some sectional grants have been combined

    3. School programs are an easy, 3 hour inservice, and effective, school gets equipment bag, way to "grow the game"
      With red ball, schools can do a tennis rotation in the gym or outside without courts or even much preparation 

  6. ALC report. Two present are captains and reported leagues are going great 

  7. 12:28 There are some perks, tickets and such we get as sponsors for Tyler Pro Tournament
    If interested, please contact Melody, our tournament coordinator, for what's available

    1. Questions about our banner, having a table at the event or what and how we can use our sponsorship to our advantage​​

  8. Mark reminded us about USTA-TEXAS CTA coffee hour tomorrow. ​

  9. 12:45 Meeting adjourned

  10. Next meeting, the Annual General Meeting will be in January. 
    Having Mark is very valuable; he will check his calendar for an available Tuesday noon. Maybe the 11th or the 18th.