Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Officers Meeting Minutes October 20, 2014
(Modified: October 21, 2014)

Present were: Daryl B, Edward K, Alex L, Glenda L, Robyn R
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order followed by discussion of Sectionals - rain, teams, captaining, going to nationals, ....

  2. 7:00 Tennis Tips: Count Steps, Slam the door

  3. Review agenda & plan meeting

  4. 7:05 Approve minutes from previous meeting. 

  5. Treasurer's report and financial review and budget. Approved as presented

    1. Discussion about a minimum buffer. Agreed $5,000 is plenty.

  6. 7:20 League reviews: USTA adult & JTT

    1. Adult League participation #s for 2014 <HL> confirm preliminary #s here

    2. JTT League Liaison report from James. Edward met with James about this position.
      < HL> JTT participation numbers updated. There's a link at the bottom of  the <HL> JTT page.

    3. Our grant system allows us to reward and provide incentives to pros, clubs, parents and schools that are growing the game; see 14.8. NETX can provide equipment and other resources through the grant system commensurate with the efforts, contributions and needs of the grantees.

  7. Report from Robyn on trainings and happenings

    1. 10&U training coming up in Plano.  Discussion about JTT statewide.

  8. Hosting 18+ Mixed Doubles Texas Sectionals on October 17-19th. Lots of rain.
    ** How did it go what can we do better ...

  9. 7:30 Recruitment of and  succession planning for officers and board.

    1. Motion approved to create or re institute League Captain Appreciation and League winners "trophies".  Discussion about how we maintain and grow our leagues. Who and how to provide incentives? Agreement that captains play a huge part and are the people that are interested and likely candidates to be officers on NETX. Captains are also volunteers. Apparently, a few years ago we gave Captain Appreciation gifts. We would like to thank, appreciate and cultivate NETX captains. **Gather information on number and make-up of captains to formulate plans.  Appreciation gifts or acknowledgments in the past included towels or bag tags. Acknowledge participation. Acknowledge league winners ...

    2. 7:55 Discussion on expanding communications. How do we get the word out about important dates? How does someone moving into the area or becoming more interested in tennis find out about programs? Ad in paper? How do we catch parents with children that want to play team tennis and don't know about JTT?

  10. Status of Coaches & Pros Association

  11. Capacity Building Grant <HL> application  due Nov. 1. Apply for meeting costs and 2015 CDW expenses. Be accountable. 

  12. 8:20 Tyler Community Tennis Association Annual Meeting

  13. First Aces Longview in the works.

  14. Mail and email received:

    1. 8/25 Grant request from <HL> Rock Solid Sports - Jason Haynes

    2. 8/28 Todd: CTA update with 2015 Capacity Grant info (Due 11/1)

    3. 8/29 USTA-Tx: Reminder that Qualified CTAs can utilize USTA Texas eblast

    4. 9/11: USTA-Tx: link to <HL> How to have a successful Playday Webinar

    5. 9/13 Email: Sam Hopkins, last year to do Sectional. Sent Email to Tasha expressing our, NETX, interest to continue hosting a sectional event.

    6. 9/15 USTA-Tx: <HL> 2015 Sectionals bid form  - Due Oct 1

    7. 9/25 Email Jim S.: <HL> 2015  JTT Sectionals Bid Form due Nov. 7 2014

    8. 10/2 Texts Edward and Charles Chrisman Hallsville JTT re: grant

  15. Next meeting will be December 8th.

  16. 8:35 Meeting Adjourned