NETX Executive Meeting Minutes
for Oct 17, 2012
(modified October 19, 2012) v3
Present were: Daryl B., Andrea B., Eric Clay, Paula E., Sam H., Edward K., Christina N., Chris S.

  1. 6:00 Meeting called to order: introductions, initial comments

  2. Review agenda: (some attendees must leave at 8pm)

  3. Minutes from last meeting approved as presented.

  4. 6:18 Treasures Report:
    We still have $1,700 diversity grant money to spend
    Treasurers Report approved as presented.

  5. 6:20 Adult League status and plans:
    Tri Level tournament just completed was the 1st league of the 2013 year
    Discussion about $20 fee acceptability to Super Seniors. Scholarships will not be offered - yet.

    With the new age brackets there are unknowns: 55+ might be smaller, 65+ might be bigger

    Wording in agreement on Coordinator paying sectionals might be problematic if coordinator does not come out ahead, the intention.

    We will know a lot more in next year, after seeing how the new brackets shake out.

    The current relationship between officers and league coordinator is working.

  6. 6:31 JTT status and plans:

    Just finished fall JTT. 61 juniors participated in the two tournament weekends. The fee for fall was $9+$3 tennis link. Each player got 2 or 3 matches each event.

    Longview and Jacksonville did not have teams but Sulphur Springs and Lufkin did.

    Eric, Texas Section JTT coordinator, thought the working agreement between NETX and the JTT coordinator is a fair agreement and will be better as the numbers for JTT increase.

    Statewide JTT is taking off as 10andUnder tennis builds and feeds into the JTT program.

    Our rates are the lowest in Texas which range as High as $45; Dallas has a fee of $20.

    Recommended we look at other youth programs and price competitively - probably higher than our current $9 as sometimes the thinking is "It's only $9, must not be much to it..."

    Eric told story about Cedar Park, a demographic similar to NETX, that did a JTT "right". They had a big advertising push with lawn signs and other "Ra-Ra" generated significant involvement and charged $100 / participant.

    Eric reiterated that 10andUnder works at a local level; no traveling.

    Chris shared his vision of local JTTs with a NETX winners tournament in Tyler. A 4 team local league is viable with 6-8 players / team.

    Eric suggested a JTT committee to address issues like advertising, recruitment, and player retention .

    There was general agreement that advertising and getting the word out was crucial and missing.

    Eric said best practices were nothing revolutionary: yard signs around schools; simple things.

    NETX definitely has money available for exactly this kind of promotion: 10andUnder, JTT ...

    We agreed a step toward a JTT committee might be a JTT champion empowered by NETX. 

    JTT is for ages 5-18. Divisions for even years: 8&under...18&under Skill levels: advanced, intermediate, beginner

  7. 7:00 Adult leagues: more status and plans:

    Status; 2012 was a good year. 40&over this year not as big as perhaps foretasted but may have been impacted but play being in the summer. (Same people participate in most leagues; there is a burnout factor)

    Andrea presented a tentative calendar for 2013 which will be made available this week.

    Captains meeting will be in December. Some deadlines are in December too.

     Sam is a big help with his email system in getting the word out. There was discussion on using the USTA email to members facility to augment Sam's email system.

  8. 7:22 Review Local Rules Document

  9. 7:42 Senior Sectional recap: went well even with the rain. Finished at 6:30 Sunday evening.

  10. 7:43 Playday series status: best practices are to seed playdays and camps and other events
    Tie play days into other programs, like instruction and JTT so parents have an answer to "what now?"
    $18 for a play day may not be best approach.

  11. CDW in Horseshoe Bay October 27 & 28: Daryl may attend.

  12. Wheelchair event: Todd Longfellow at Willow Brook is taking on this event.

  13. belongs to Ken Olivier. Edward is working on regaining control

  14. CTA Partnership Grant: Edward will review and start application.

  15. Next meeting November 14, 2012

  16. Meeting adjourned.