Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of Annual General Meeting October 10, 2016 at 6:30pm
(Modified:October 21, 2016)

Present were: Andrea B, Daryl B, Edward K, Meg R., Chris T., Debra T
*until you click them, the hot links are hard to see so look for <HL>

  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order

  2. Standing Items:

    1. Review agenda & plan meeting

    2. Tennis Tip: 3rd check point in modern ground-strokes: fire & pull. 
      Past Tips:45/35, (2) pat dog, neck collar,(1)Wings, TBT, LDIRS, BLUR, Push the car, Count steps, Slam the door

    3. Minutes of previous meeting approved

    4. Treasurer's report and financial review approved; <HL> Actuals through 2015/8

    5. League reviews: USTA adult & JTT <HL> Adult Stats and JTT Stats

      1. JTT for fall up. 2 teams from Lindale. Andrea will lead and train for weeks 1&2 and Will will run the third week. Welcome aboard Will. 

      2. Nine teams for tri-level.

    6. Hosting Sectionals review,  Mixed 18 & over, Oct. 7-9, 2016

      1. Little confusion getting going as valley sent a 9.0 team not an 8.5 team. Otherwise great weather and a great tournament.

      2. Planning to bid for an Adult Sectional in 2017.

      3. Planning not to bid for a JTT sectional in 2017.

      4. Not enough courts to bid for Grand Slam national junior events.

    7. 6:57 Will fund YEC position for one more year. (USTA-TX funds 1/4)

    8. 7:12 Report on LTA social for about 20 people on 7 courts.

    9. Recruitment, succession planing, training, responsibilities: officers and board

  3. Old Business

    1. Discussion of local rules. (accessible from navigation under "Adult leagues"

  4. New Business

    1. Board members remain the same for 2016-2017

    2. Officers remain the same for 2016-2017 with the idea of trading later in year.

    3. Capacity building grant request will be for $1,100 to continue monthly meetings.

    4. 7:27 TCTA annual general meeting.

    5. Mail Received:

      1. 9/7 Todd: JTT sectionals for 2017 bids open. Deadline is Oct 31.

      2. 9/22 Todd: Grand Slam Bids due Oct 23.

      3. 9/26 Todd: reminder about Health index and Capacity Grant. Due 11/1

    6. 7:27 Discussion continued about Local rules for adult leagues.

  5. Ending Items:

    1. Next meeting is November 14, 6:30 at China King. (See agenda in navigation)

    2. 7:42 meeting adjourned