Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Executive Officers Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2012 at 6pm
(modified November 18, 2012)

        Present were: Daryl B, Edward K. and Sam H.

    • 6:00 pm Review agenda & plan meeting, discussion, news, succession planning, league strategy

    • Approve minutes from previous meeting

    • Treasurer's report

    • 6:27 Debrief from CDW (link to 8min YouTube video)

      1. Amarillo JTT: about same demographic, had great program, lots of expertise, experience that we may draw from. 2000 in Longview youth soccer when an officer was involved.

      2. Ralph - Lufkin also attended CDW. He's wants to get the CTA / Booster club in Lufkin going.

      3. Relationships between CTAs, local governments and ISDs is critical to having the facilities to play and encourage public tennis. 12 in Longview, 8+6 in Jacksonville = good examples. Henderson has lit courts> that could support more tennis = opportunity.

      4. Volunteers: care, feeding, support, policies, vetting like back ground checks. Support our CTAs and their volunteers. ? PPT from CDW as resource.

      5. Publicity, newspaper: human interest, Facebook, twitter. What and how can we be better.

    • 6:42 Discussion of slate of officers for 2013 to present to Board.

    • 6:49 Sam and Edward will move Sam's Tennis Player email database to

    • 6:55 Officers voted to use GoDaddy buy domain service to get ownership of Status: belongs to Ken Olivier. Ken is non responsive. Renews in January, $69 buy service from Godaddy (where it is currently registered).  People still "register" on the site.

    • 6:56 Secretary will submit Heath Index update and register NETX with USTA for 2013

    • 7:00 CDW debrief further discussion - see Item 1

    • 7:16 Review and approve Partnership Grant Application:

    • Review and agree to send email to USTA members:

    • 7:28 Bid for 55&Over sectionals Nov. 8, 2013 was received by the USTA. Word on the nomination is expected by year end. The support of the tennis community and civic leaders have contributed to our previous hosting successes.

    • 7:32 Officers acknowledged Sam's unique contributions to NETX and tennis in NE Texas and want to create an Emeritus or appropriate office to have access to Sam's expertise and enthusiasm.

    • Mail received at Faulkner: 

      1. 2012 USTA Organization of the Year Award nomination form due 2012-11-12

    • USTA updated their guide for CTAs click here

    • Faulkner Tennis Center Open House: Nov. 8, 2011 attended by Edward:

      is the chain of command and they were all present to give their support and solicit ideas. Gerald has direct responsibility for Faulkner Facilities. Proshop open every day. Courts being upgraded. City partnered with Fred Kniffen and Micky Navarro to provide programming.

      1. Gerald Palafox, Athletic/Activites Specialist

      2. Debbie Isham, special events/recreation manager

      3. Stephanie Rollings, Director Tyler Parks & Rec

    • 7:41 Discussion of equipment grant to Longview. How is it working out? How does the equipment get stored? How does Le Tourneau "check out"  the equipment for a play day? 

    • Next Meeting The Annual Members, Board, Officers Meeting is
      Dec. 8, 2012, 11:30am at Ryan's steak house.

    • 7:50 Meeting adjourned