Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of Officers Meeting on May 6, 2019
(Modified: May 7, 2019)

Present were: Andrea B, Daryl B, Karen F, Laura G, Edward K, Delia S, Meg R,
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  1. 11:30 Meeting called to order and introductions

  2. Tennis Service Rep and Community Services Manager initiatives and reports

    1. had just met with Greg Priest, TISD athletics Director re: programs available in schools.
      They reviewed school program offerings with NETX officers.

    2. Review of current facilities grants. The grants have increased substantially for 2019. Free expertise, court specifications, project engineering is available by registering your tennis construction projects with the USTA.

    3. Reviewed Grants available for social leagues. TeamSnap might be appropriate software for managing social leagues like the one Daryl has worked on for Thursday nights in Longview,

    4. Advisory committee could be a good way to get coaches and area pros more involved in NETX

    5. NJTL will have special tournament, National Championship, this year. Info to come

    6. USPTA College Showcase coming up. Info to come.
      (also changes to USTPA certification are coming in 2021, specifically a requirement for 1,500 hours of supervision before being eligible to test)

    7. Thank you USTA- Texas for 2019 Capacity Grant Award for $2,850. <HL> Award letter is here.

  3. Minutes of last meeting approved. Financial report approved as presented.

  4. PR officer reported Facebook presence continues to grow. Tennis calendar posted on the NETX website is a big hit.
    Big thanks to Karen for taking on the PR role and especially for her enthusiasm, expertise and effectiveness!
  5. Adult leagues are mostly up. The captains shirts have been well received. Big thanks to Andrea for doing all the work to make this happen.  Her selection, tracking, and awarding the shirts, with little direction or help from the officers, is testament to the amazing job she does running our primary asset, adult leagues.  Thanks again Andrea.
  6. JTT has more players than captains. Discussion on how we can get parents, the logical choice for captains, more involved in JTT. Andrea will coordinate with Will on the fall dates. No summer JTT league this year.
  7. 12:21 Officers responsibilities, recruitment... discussion.  Daryl has David on his social league list and may involve him more in the organization and running of social leagues. 
  8. 12:33 Discussion about expanding our assets with a tournament. Thanks to Deb for getting our banner to the Hope Open and increasing our presence at other local tournaments.  Meg will explore NETX sponsoring local tournament bananas .
  9. 12:39 Adult league schedule for 2020 discussion.  No leagues in January.  Basically shift all start dates back 1 month.
  10. 12:55 Discussion on self-rating. Consensus is, "While not perfect, it's constantly being reviewed and anomalies are self-correcting through the established processes."
  11. 1:12 Delia encouraged participation in the CTA Support and Enhancement Call will take place on May 13, 2019, at 12:00 pm.  The purpose of this call is to lay out an overview of a very important initiative. For the Section to provide the most relevant resources to all CTAs, they need to understand how we operate, what challenges we face and how USTA-Texas may adjust their thinking to better meet our needs. 
  12. Next meeting is September 9th.
  13. 1:15 meeting adjourned