NETX Executive Meeting
Minutes of meeting:
May 10, 2012
(modified May 11, 2012)

    Present were: Daryl B., Jan B., Sam H., Edward K., Robyn R.

  1. 6:00pm Meeting called to order. Discussion of league rules old and new, league organization and league play in general

  2. 6:18 Play Days, Kid's Clubs information and discussion.
    Nutrition discussion and hands-on

  3. 6:38 Executive succession strategy: how and who might we get someone or ones to join the executive (especially as Jan is moving to Dallas)
    ** Jan will talk to Andrea with regard to a list of team captains and possible candidates
    ** Judy H. is well connected and well respected; another source of recommendations

  4. 7:04 Treasurer’s Report accepted as presented.

  5. 7:12 As this is our last year to have Senior Sectionals, what is the process and how interested is NETX in bidding for a tournament for 2013.
    There is interest in having a tournament in Tyler and
    ** Sam will keep the executive apprised of when and how we can bid for a tournament for which we have the necessary infrastructure and interest.

  6. 7:14 Sam prepared and presented information regarding a strategy for adult leagues and an associated agreement with the league coordinator.
    It was agreed that all adult league fees will be $20/person. This is still one of the lowest or the lowest league fees in Texas.

  7. 7:45 How do we get the members of NETX to access our monies available to create new or grow their existing "grassroots" programs?
    ** Sam and Edward will create a list of people to whom we can send more frequent emails apprising them of NETX resources available
    ** Edward will compose 2 emails, (1) an email with the target audience above and (2) an email to be submitted to the USTA for a submission to all USTA members in our area. (This can be done quarterly)

  8. 8:02 Next meeting: June 26 at 6:00 pm at Jan's house (in Tyler)

  9. 8:11 Website has been converted from Tennis Industry Association (TIA) to the USTA, saving NETX the associated hosting expense. Sam mentioned functionality lacking was the ability for interested people to sign-up through the website for correspondence from NETX.
    **Edward will find out how we get access to and redirect it to our new site.

  10. 8:12 Meeting adjourned.