Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Executive meeting June 26, 2012  Minutes
(modified June 29 2012)


Present were: Daryl B., Sam H., Edward K., Glenda L., Robyn R.


  1. 6:09 Meeting called to order, general discussion and introductions
    6:19 Handout on new League Rules for 2013

  2. 6:24 Confirmation of email vote of Board of Directors to elect Glenda as president
    and accept the resignations of Jan and Zach (both of whom have moved out of the NETX area)

  3. 6:25 Submit Christina N for Vice President or At-Large member.
           ** Sam will get an email vote from Board.
           ** Daryl will keep Christina in the loop

  4. 6:27 Discussion of JTT. Glenda knows people, with teenagers playing tennis, that might be interested in helping NETX coordinate appropriate events.
    Perhaps a student in the TJC program could organize JTT as a project.
    Could JTT be expanded to include schools that are implementing tennis programs?

  5. 6:35 Review of tournaments that come up for bid next month and discussion of which tournaments would be suitable to host in Tyler. Best candidates seem 55& or 65&
           **Sam will keep in touch with USTA about schedule for bids.

  6. 6:44 Special event at this years Senior Sectionals is likely to be a DJ or Live Band. Brad Brookshires has been the talent recruiter and nothing is falling into place (like the Richeys again or Rod Laver)

  7. 6:47 Previous meetings minutes approved as presented.

  8. 6:48 Treasurer's report: Report of funds on hand and expected expense. Discussion around a more formal budget to help the new executive get a grip on "the business'.
         ** Robyn will send us an example budget from another CTA

  9. 6:53 Working agreement for USTA League Coordinator presented and approved with only minor changes.
         ** Sam will get Glenda good copies and
        ** Glenda will get the agreement signed by Andrea and her.
    Some league fees will increase as the new agreement sets all league fees at $20
    (The lowest league fees in the 17 areas of Texas)
    Discussion about increasing above $20 with agreement that doing so will be more effective after NETX has expenses, grassroots programs, that warrant and inspire an increase.
    Buying awards, if needed, for league play is now a NETX obligation and an example of a budget item

  10. 7:12 10 & under Playdays & Kids' Clubs discussion. Agreement that we needed someone to coordinate this effort. A summer 2013 10& under series seems doable. Robyn encouraged NETX to try to get something, anything, going this year and offered to field comments from CTAs that might be interested.
        ** Daryl will talk to LTA
       ** Sam will talk to Chris B. (who had a playday last year)
       ** Glenda will talk to Karen C,. and Lisa M.
       ** Edward will talk to Jake
       ** Chris S. (in my notes but I don't remember who was going to talk to him)

  11. 7:50 Status with Sulphur Springs: Edward had emailed Lisa with regard to applying for a grant.
       ** Glenda will touch base with Lisa to make sure we have good contact information and "hit the ball back to her court" - one more time)

  12. 7:55 Lufkin: Ralph R. is interested in resurrecting LTA. Email exchanges with Robyn and Edward. Agreed to keep him in the loop with regard to grants and opportunities.
    Robyn handed out a list of USTA organizations in the NETX area - internal use only please

  13. 8:01 Sam's succession plan is to be out by 2013 and suggested new Treasurer would have an easier time with a PO Box as permanent address.
       ** Sam and Glenda will change checking account signature card

  14. 8:05 Robyn's teacher training went well.
       ** Follow-up for NETX is to encourage Kid's Clubs in fall to encourage interested kids and their parents.

  15. 8:06 Clarification of City of Tyler's intent to host a Wheelchair tennis event. Mr Balfox called Sam to clarify this is a work in progress.
       ** Sam will talk to Bill L. to see if he will be our point man
              Todd Longfellow is already involved with wheelchair athletics - how can we help him / vice versa

  16. 8:11 Grand Saline: will ease back into fold. Currently energetic about changes to leagues; maybe someone there would like to serve on a USTA committee.

  17. 8:13 review of proposed email to organizations in our area. Email was approved. Suggested to BCC the distribution list to keep the addresses more secure.
       ** Edward will collect appropriate addresses and send the email from

  18. 8:20 We, Sam, has posted Grand Prix results (not this year). Is this something Chris S. is or will do?

  19. 8:25 Next meeting will be July 30 at 6pm; place to be determined

  20. 8:26 Discussion of current and desired League procedures and grievances and rules of operation.
        **  There wasn't an action item here although the consensus was to have a round table with Andrea and have these items ready for the captain's meeting.

  21. 8:45 Meeting adjourned