Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association

Executive Officers Meeting

June 3, 2013 6pm Minutes

(modified June 2, 2013)

Present were: Daryl B., Edward K., Alex L., Christian N., Robyn R.

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  1. 6:00 Meeting called to order. informal catchup on activities and leagues 

  2. 6:21 Minutes from previous meeting approved

  3. Treasurer's report and financial progress (<HL> actuals & budget here)

    1. 6:27 Approve Robyn's suggestion that we reimburse for miles traveled. We accepted IRS rate of 56.5 cents / mile. This will be used, primarily, for officers attending meetings.

    2. 6:45 Approved Treasurer's report and budget presented.

  4. 6:46 Discussion of request to help fund Jr. Gran Prix participation in State Tournament. (18 kids + chaperones + 2 coaches. Out of pocket expenses are $80 / player) **Edward to contact Jim S.

  5. 7:08 Approved $89 for balls and mesh bags for TCTA who requested them to refill kit with 48 racquets recently received back in inventory from All Saints.** Robyn thinks she has the right balls and suggested that balls will need replaced and it would be a good budget item..

  6. 7:16 Approved $140 to reimburse 4 organizational memberships: Boys & Girls Tyler & Longview. Le Tourneau and Salvation Army-Tyler **Edward will send award letter and instructions.

  7. 7:22 Mary Beth Harrington Presentation on Aug 24th, Sat. is not a good fit for us this year. **Edward to respond to Todd. (Robyn mentioned she had discussed this with Todd)

  8. 7:30 Approved $200 from Partnership Grant for Longivew Town Hall / tennis social

  9. 7:40 **Daryl volunteered to be  Adult League liaison and will contact Andrea with regard to standardizing league formats; her thoughts, best practices, what are other CTAs doing ...

  10. 7:52 JTT **Edward to check in with James re summer league.

    1. USTA Texas has reinstated stipends for JTT ALCs for this past spring season.  NETX  already made up the difference.  Money will come to NETX?

  11. 8:05 Mail received:

    1. 5/9 Email: ALC cost to training at CDW are covered by USTA-TEXAS. Ineligible players for sectionals ?

    2. 5/10 Email USTA, Taylor: <HL> Game Set Gazzette USTA Texas School Newsletter

    3. 5/16 Email for B&G club asking about help for summer tennis program. Edward forwarded to Ronnie B.

    4. 5/22 Update on <HL> Faulkner and Woldert park facility grants:

    5. 5/29 CTA Update from Todd C: new info on background checks: National Center for Safety Initiatives:  866-833-7100 about $23 / person.

    6. 5/29 email from Jim S. requesting subsidy for Jr. Gran Prix State entry fees.

    7. 5/30 Revised East Texas Tennis calendar posted to website

    8. 5/30 USTA Texas about free webinar for playdays vs. festivals. June 5, 2-3CST. <HL> Webinar Link:

    9. 6/1 USPTA fall league updates <HL> from Jim S. added to USPTA page

  12. 8:06 JTT: return to discussion of how to promote JTT and grassroots tennis

    1. Hire a JTT promoter / foot soldier with small stipend and pay for goals met. ** all to think about what goals?

    2. Free rotating clinics in parks

  13. **all to work on respective officer job descriptions

  14. 8:17 Next Meeting July 29 6:30 at China King in Tyler

  15. 8:19 Meeting adjourned