Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Executive Officers Meeting Minutes for meeting of July 29, 2013
(modified August 23, 2013 spelling 2017-8-31)

present: Daryl B, Andrea B, Edward K, Glenda L, Alex L, Glenda L, Christina N, Robyn R 

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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to ordrer. General catch-up, discussion of leagues, captaining, vacations. Review agenda & plan meeting

  2. 6:57 Approve minutes from previous meeting  (Christina, Alex)

  3. 6:58 Treasurer's report and financial progress (<HL> actuals & budget here) Alex added budget column from Daryl's budget presented last month. Approved as presented. (Edward, Glenda)

  4. 7:00 Adult leagues recap and status. <HL> Comparison of numbers since 2010. 2010 used because ratings bump in 2011 skewed 2011 numbers.

    1. Lonestar: as it is much harder to qualify for Lonestar participation is about 20 ladies

    2. 4.5 men down as participants are aging and feeling non-competitive at sectionals

    3. Participation is all about getting captains. Faulkner and TTS coming up to speed

    4. 2 team rule makes in easier to make a league (2 teams play each other 6 times)

    5. ** Andrea will see if there is a way to extract Uniques from the TennisLink or other system

    6. Mixed works better in summer than starting in May because May is such a crazy month

    7. If lots of teams in one division, may have to play more than once per week. Every league has an end date determined buy qualifying tournament and sectional dates.

    8. Registration must end at least 1 month before qualifying tournaments so Adult League Coordinator [ALC] know which flights will be exempt

    9. 40&over winter Night League is too big to play on Sundays and starting early means playing around the Xmas and New Year holidays.

    10. 7:27 Discussion of standardizing league format. Currently ALC email with Team captains of flights that have opportunities and lets them decide on format by simple majority. She, ALC, does not mind doing that and it give the players maximum flexibility.

    11. Each team in a flight will have a minimum of 6 matches; 8-10 is ideal

    12. ALC will begin compiling a NETX ALC handbook to complement the handbook from USTA Texas. NETX will compensate ALC for delivering an NETX Adult League Information and Procedure Handbook. Idea being that (God Forbid) if ALC was unable to continue, NETX would at least have captured some of her unique knowledge and expertise.

  5. 7:50 JTT discussion: No summer league.

    1. ** Darly will contact James about winter league plans and James's plans for JTT meeting preceding CDW and further participation or availability at CDW.

    2. Discussion of how to expand JTT: select & recreation,  a JTT recruiter?

  6. 8:17 Liability Insurance for CTAs (see 8.6)

  7. 8:20 How is Ronnie B. doing with NJTL?

  8. 8:20 review other agenda items like mail received

    1. 6/3: USTA Todd forwarded email from Sylvia: Stipends reinstated for JTT 2013 Spring Season. Stipends for summer will be: start a summer league= receive $100 & $25 per team with a minimum of 3 teams per league

    2. 6/4 Patricia Egart, author of <HL>  "Let's Play Tennis" offered to send proofs.

    3. 6/5: Email Robyn: met new DoT @ TTS: Scott Robinson and his wife Jodi

    4. 6/6 USTA: Tennis Development Workshop (TDW) will take place October 31 – November 3 in Denver. Scholarship applications must be submitted by  5:00PM EST, Friday, July 12, 2013. <HL> link to Scholarship App

    5. 6/6: B&G Tyler reply: Still looking for someone to help with programming. Will register next week - thanks. 

    6. 6/7 USTA: The Master Liability Insurance Program for  CTAs

    7. 6/7 Robyn: Will Point Update to James D.

    8. 6/14 <HL> Free Webinar on Jun 26 2-3?  understand the world of the Parks and Rec

    9. 6/19 USTA CTA Newsletter:

    10. 6/19 Ronnie Blake report on Tennis in the Park. Great turnout ....

    11. 6/20 CDW update: Roy Emerson as featured speaker

    12. 6/25 Woldert Park update cc: NETX. Bruce Carter driving force & main contact

    13. 6/26 CTA update + 2 articles: Reinvigorate Board and 11 ways to get people to meetings.

    14. 7/9 Scott Robinson, CM at TTS called about reactivating TCTA. Meeting scheduled for 7/18

  9. Change Officer Structure to: Christina and Glenda are Adult League contacts and Daryl and Alex are JTT contacts

  10. 8:25 Robyn said Partnership Grant has changed name and is now open for application. Suggested that there is everything to gain from applying.

  11. 8:26 discusion of turning long standing agenda items into an action register

  12. 8:27 Will Tyler be able to bid for tournaments? How's 55&Over Sectionals progressing

  13. Next Meeting September 11 at 6:30.

  14. Robyn handed out mini poster promoting youth tennis and Bag for LTA's 48 racquets and 36 foam balls to replenish TCTA racquet and ball set. Thanks Robyn!!

  15. 8:38 Meeting adjourned