NETX CTA Officers Meeting Minutes
July 30, 2012, 6pm
(modified August 1, 2012)

Present were: Daryl B., Sam H., Edward K., Glenda L., Christina N., Robyn R.

  1. 6:00 Meeting called to order. General discussion of towns in area, relative populations, distance... as it related to league participation.

  2. 6:20 Review agenda and plan meeting

  3. Minutes from last meeting approved as of 6/29 revision.

  4. Christina welcomed as Vice-Chairperson and email vote by Board of Directors confirmed.

  5. JTT discussion: (1) James Daly(sp?) is pro at Holly Tree working with kids (2) Chris S. will have fall schedule out next week, 8/10, (3) Glenda talked to potential volunteers for JTT and youth (4) Sam is currently the NETX exec that coordinates with Chris. (5) JTT is for ages 8-18, arranged by even years, (6) Robyn advised that we "shore up" the relationship between the NETX executive and the JTT coordinator and toward that end
    (7) ** Glenda will send an email to Chris asking about the schedule?, the captains meeting?, how we can help?, and stay in the loop?, improve our coordinator - management team communication and effectiveness?

  6. 6:44 Discussion of our, NETX, ability to send quarterly email to all USTA members in our area.

  7. 6:45 League coordinator agreement with Andrea is signed, sealed and delivered.

  8. 6:49 Playday Series discussion

    1. Suzanne at Le Tourneau U. met with Robyn today and they are having a Playday on Aug. 25th. Suzanne feels this is a good way for the Univ. and Team to contribute to the community. Discussion followed about possibility of a Longview series given the rising interest and increasing facilities, LTA, Spring Hill H.S., Hallsville H.S., Holly Lake Ranch, Court House

    2. 6:59 Discussion of equipment, especially nets. Equipment discounts are available to CTA at discounts. Edward went to site to price 18' nets and replacement nets: Head: $100/$42, Prince: $100/?, Gamma: $99/?, Babalot: $100/?, Dunlop $100/?, Wilson $100/?.  Personally I like this system:   also replacement nets for $35 .

    3. 7:05 Continuing down the list of possible Playday sites, Faulkner=no response, UTT=no response, TTS picked 8/25 and will change, Holly Tree assigned to pro?, LTA= no response, Lufkin= Karen will get Asst. in gear, Sulphur Springs=wait 'till school starts, Court House= will choose dates, JTA=no response, Gladewater= **Robyn will get email to Edward

    4. **Edward will send email to Exec for approval and then to associations above in an attempt to encourage a Playday series.

    5. Edward demoed his Playday equipment and supplies from USTA for his playday.

  9.  7:19 Discussion about sending a "Kids Club" awareness email with the consensus being to stay focused, for now, on playdays.

  10. 7:22 Wheelchair tennis event: Bill and Todd are working on a 2013 Run & Roll event.

  11. 7:23 Grand Prix results will be maintained by Chris S. and link from our site.

  12. 7:24 No responses to our email sent to organizations in our area.

  13. 7:26 NETXCTA@gmail email is available for NETX officers.

  14. 7:27 Veterans Day Playdays to follow current play day initiative

  15. 7:28: CDW discussion and encourage any and all to attend Oct. 26-28 Horseshoe Bay.

  16. 7:40 ** we'll work together to get best contacts for Holly Lake Ranch, Spring Hill H.S, Hallsville H.S. and Tyler YMCA that just got blended lines from outfit in Dallas.

  17. 7:43 Discussion of our Adult League Rules. Daryl had found some examples on the web. Andrea would be back in town soon. General agreement that the rules needed to be as short as possible while still covering Weather Cancellation and Grievance Procedure, for example.

  18. 7:58 ** Edward, secretary, will draft email along the lines of letter to Chris in item 5.7 perhaps the same email sent to both coordinators.

  19. 8:01 Treasures report: Report approved as presented.

    1. Last year a volunteer prepared the necessary 1099s for us.

    2. Tax return is painless online submission - Sam did that.

    3. Sam plans to resign effective Jan. 1, 2013

  20. 8:06 Senior Sectional will have Dennis Ralston as guest speaker. NETX has approved $1,200 for meals, accommodation and honorarium. (see item 15 from minutes of 1/24/2012)

  21. 8:07 Next meeting will be Monday, August 27 at 6pm at a venue with a bigger table, more menu choices and not the same fly.

  22. 8:09 Meeting adjourned.