Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of 2018 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 11:30 am
(Modified: January 8, 2019)

Present were: Andrea Booth, Karen F, Edward K, Deb M, Meg R, Will S
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  1. 11:30 Meeting  called to order

  2. Minutes of last meeting approved and Financial report accepted as presented.

  3. Karen reported over 900 people view a post about the health benefits of tennis.
    She is reaching out to the coaches this year.

  4. USTA Adult league report

    1. 40+ league registration is closed. Participation likely down from last year, no 3.0 men. 
      Review for next year if a league works better than a weekend tournament

    2. Recognize team captains with a "Team Captain" jersey / shirt.
      Andrea will look into details and provide a new design for each league.

  5. Post on our website, (1) our, <HL> USTA, league schedule, (2)<HL> the sectionals schedule and (3) <HL>a East Texas Tennis Calendar
    Karen will include a request for their public events in her reach-out to the area pros.

  6. 12:07 JTT coordinator report:

    1. Teams are coed and more girls would increase the number of teams

    2. Incentives to get more JTT captains to include a Thank You fifty dollar Tennis Express gift card for each team captain.

  7. Hosting Sectionals. 55 & Over mixed is Nov. 8-10 for 2019.
    Andrea will check with Veronica on hosting other tournaments and/or
    a JTT sectionals  (since party requirements have changed and our facilities for hosting a party are better)

  8. Board and Officers of NETX remain the same. Edward will check with Daryl and David.

  9. 12:35 NETX Superbowl Tournament in 2020? (2019 tournament is too close to plan)

  10. In 2019, increase NETXCTA exposure at area events like Hope Open, April 6th.
    NETX will sponsor Hope Open at the $250 level, if possible. (Hope site implied $500 minimum level)
    Deb will look into a cool NETX banner with which we could advertise our support and sponsorship

  11. Capacity Building Grant completed online by Meg, Edward and Alex  click here for more info

  12. Will S, our JTT coordinator, to receive fifty dollars for attending NETX meetings.

  13. Next meeting is Monday, March 4.

  14. 12:49 Meeting Adjourned