NETX Executive Meeting
Minutes of meeting:
January 24, 2012
(modified January 26, 2012)

Present were: Jan B., Sam H., Edward K. and Robyn R.

  1. 6:00pm Meeting called to order. Followed by discussion of different tennis tournament formats: Leagues, WTT, ...

  2. 6:25  Volunteer base - recruiting volunteers - including the growing group of 3,0 ladies.

  3. Increase the profile of TCTA by having something like the Nichelodeon travel show that came through a few years ago to kick off an initiative.

  4. Health of Palestine CTA = trying, Athens CTA strong leadership but not connected to the NETX

  5. 6:38 How can we get the TCTA, our biggest opportunity, going?
    Robyn started with 5 schools last spring.
    Came back in August and trained more teachers,
    ISDs qualified for 1 equipment kit / 5 schools and TISD qualified for 3 kits.
    Ronnie Blake coach at Tyler HS and Jessica Taylor coach at Lee.
    UIL doesn’t offer a tennis format. Robyn once created a middle school league.
    >JTT would be a great format for school competition
    6:44 JTT is not happening at Holly Tree in 2012.

  6. Play Days, USTA initiative, designed as a place where kids can go and experience tennis
    ** Edward - Check with Paula and inventory TCTA QuickStart equipment

  7. Kid’s Club is the program from the USTA in 2012 to offer to introduce tennis to organizations: schools and churches
    ** Edward - Upward program. How does it work? Where’s upward tennis?
    7:09 Teacher - teacher resource is Chuck Roper who is the QuickStart coordinator for NETX and has experience getting tennis into Longview Schools.
    Kimm Ketelson Department Chair of  the Professional Tennis Management Program at TJC will also be a good ally / resource person
    ** Jan - will talk with Ronnie to get his ideas on how to get a kids tennis, QuickStart initiative going.

  8. 7:32 NETX revenue enhancement
    NETX league fees are lowest that anyone knows about / in Texas
    Possible revenue sources include, * raise league fees, * sponsors for league tournaments, * TCTA dues
    Historical note: NETX received $20,000 grant in 2002. In 2009 current league reimbursement structure started

  9. USTA grants and programs
    ** Edward - will find our more about the USTA equipment grants
    Line reimbursement grant. Organizations getting QS lines can get 75% reimbursed for expense. Robyn is getting lines draw for $150/ court.
    Play Days see item 6
    Kid’s Club see item 7
    Schools that wish to have a tennis PE program may sign up as Organizational members and get a teacher’s kit with the signup.

  10. Meeting between Ken McAllister and NETX
    **Jan - will work with Robyn to establish a meeting time in late March, early April for the next NETX meeting.

  11. 8:00 JTT 2012 - NETX support, coordinator compensation , fee structure
    2011 JTT fees were $10 / player which broke out, we think, ($5 Texas Section, $3 TennisLink, $2 coordinator)
    coordinator fees will remain the same for 2012
    players cost will be $12 for 2012 with the $2 going to NETX
    NETX will buy balls for JTT in 2012: approximately 160 cans @ $2.25 / can = $360   (1/256
    **Sam - contact Chris S. with regard to $12 and coordinating fee deposits and coordinator disbursements
    **Sam - and Robyn will find out how the JTT money breaks out

  12. USTA email blast capability: USTA will send an email to all USTA members in our area once per quarter
    **Sam - coordinate with Chris S. for this quarters email blast.
    Chris presumably wants to blast the Hope Open
    NETX would like to include something about our Kid’s Tennis / QuickStart Initiative

  13. 8:14 CTA Shootout: Education piece, which Robyn brought to us tonight and competition piece which is too close, Feb 3, to act upon
    **Edward - will attend Recruit, Motivate and Retain Volunteer webinar on Feb. 1.

  14. 8:19 NETX treasurer’s report
    NETX calendar, League participation analysis and JTA court connection.

  15. Sponsoring Senior Sectionals
    Nancy and Cliff Richey very well received last year.
    We, NETX, have tentatively agreed to sponsor a special event, like the Richeys, for a budget not to exceed $1,200.

  16. 8:47 Meeting adjourned. Next meeting to be in late March, early April with Ken McAllister (see item 10)

** name - indicates action item and person responsible
Please address concerns to Edward  - secretary of NETX  (my cell 512 755 0089)