Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Executive Officers Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2014 at 6:30pm
(Modified: Jan. 23, 2014)

Present were: Daryl B, Edward K, Alex L, Christina N, Robyn R
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order. General discussion and catch-up

  2. 7:00 Review agenda & plan meeting

  3. 7:05 Approve minutes from previous meeting

  4. 7:10 Treasurer's report and financial review and buget for 2014(<HL> actuals budget here)

    • Robyn noted that Tennis link fee is now $3.50, up from $3.00

    • 2013 Review and 2014 Budget approved as presented.

  5. 7:20 Tennis Calendar review:

    • change for 2014 in scheduling of 55+ league looks like a good adjustment: 2013 40+ and 55+ were both scheduled concurrently in Jan. 2014 50+ will run on wekend concurrently with 18+

    • TriLevel and Combo did not make in 2013. Perhaps better communication with captains would help.

    • Some league captains got survey on weighting lines

  6. 7:35 JTT Daryl will touch base with James to make sure Johnathan, and the Blairs, pros in Longview area, Jacksonville, Lufkin and Palestine are on his JTT contact list.

  7. 8:00 Christina will take over communication role. She will have access to MailChimp, 680 people on mail list and look into making an NETX Facebook page. General agreement that we, NETX, can be better with our communications.

  8. Some discussion on appropriate emails. Do we want to have a for example. For now: NETXcta@gmail will suffice. Any officer may use this email as appropriate.

  9. 8:25 Discussion of things that worked and possible ideas from CDW

    • Ladder leagues were a big success for Longview this year

    • Would be great if Pros took a more active role in running leagues and establishing adult beginner instruction and leagues. Longview may take this on as they seem to have a good fit with leagues and pros.

  10. 8:35 NETX approved donation of $490 to Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas for 14 USTA organizational memberships. They plan to have tennis as part of their after school programs.

  11. Next meeting will be 2013 Annual Board meeting on Feb. 24 At 6:30pm at China King in Tyler

  12. 8:40 Meeting adjourned.