Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Board and Officers  minutes of  February 9, 2015 meeting
(Modified: February 10, 2015 spelling 2017-8-31)

Present were: Andrea B, Daryl B, Mike C, James D, Edward K, Sylvia K, Alex L, Glenda L, Jim S.
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order followed by introductions and general discussion

  2. Review agenda & plan meeting

  3. 6:47 Approve minutes from previous meeting (M: Glenda, 2nd: Andrea, unanimous)

  4. 6:50 Treasurer's report and financial review approved as presented.

  5. 6:55 League reviews: USTA adult & JTT

    1. Andrea and participants reported 40+ league running smoothly except for the lights going off in the middle of matches. Participation is up about 10% from last year.

      1. 7:00 Discussion of ratings opportunities and anomalies?

    2. JTT League Liaison report from James and Sylvia

      1. Discussion about two JTT tracks. JTT and Championship. NETX will be using the championship format .

      2. Changes this year are must have 2 teams in each division (no combining divisions to count as matches) and players only have to play 2 matches to qualify for sectionals (it was 3 last year).
        JTT has new logo

      3. 7:12 Advanced teams might be hard to form. Suggestions that children can register, and play, in more than one team / division.

      4. JTT track, no USTA membership requirement and less stringent requirements might increase participation in the future. Most teams want the opportunity to qualify for sectionals which the JTT track does not provide.

      5. 7:23 James sent flyer out to his list a few days ago. Edward to update NETX JTT pages to reflect flyer. Daryl will get James list of coach contacts he has gathered.

      6. 7:26 Discussion on different ways to promote and celebrate NETX JTT including using Facebook or web pages to post pictures of events and participants and Facebook, Mailchimp, or .. to promote easier communication.

      7. 7:32 Discussion about league software: TennisLink not allowing easy email access to last years participants, for example, where TopDog, used by Jim to run the fall USPTA leagues does. Everyone pretty much in agreement that TennisLink has a steep learning curve, and does not reflect "best practices" software that is prevalent today.

  6. 7:42 Mike reported CDW will be Oct 16-18 in San Antonio, reminded us about March Tennis Month and $50 Amazon card incentive to host an event. World tennis day is March 10th. 880+ schools in Texas have tennis programs. Programs for children, besides the PE curriculum include: Kids' Club, Hot Shots, and SPARK?
    7:49 interviewing for TSR
    Discussion about growth in Longview.   Tyler middle school Moore is running a tennis program at TJC - James Berry coach at Moore. What about other schools?
    7:56 Adult learner curriculums include Ready Set Rally, and Midland: "Sets in The City" sponsored by restaurants there.

  7. 8:01 JTT Sectionals Bid(s) May16-17 is out. SPORTyler says too much going on. That leaves Spring Advanced 250 players June 27-28 or Fall all 700 players Nov 14-15.  Agreement to bid for November sectionals.
    Discussion about completeness of bid and involving SPORTyler to flesh out party ideas.

  8. Hosting 18+ Mixed Doubles Texas Sectionals in Oct. 2-4, 2015

  9. Coaches & Pros Association - no discussion

  10. 8:20 1st Aces Youth Events - <HL> status news ...  Daryl will keep this going

  11. 8:22 Tennis Tip: BLUR = back, left, up, right... split and explode - be a BLUR

  12. Recruitment of and  succession planning for officers and board

    1. Communications VP - rolls and responsibilities

    2. Candidates for Adult League Coordinator Liaison

    3. Candidates for JTT Coordinator Liaison

  13. cost $15 / yr. Just renewed. Why not keep it? tabled

  14. Mail and email received:

    1. 12/09 Todd CTA Update: Reminder to register. 12/18
      Edward registered both NETX and TCTA

  15. 8:23 Next meeting is April 20, 2015

  16. 8:25 Meeting Adjourned