Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of Executive Officers Meeting
February 4, 2013 at 6pm
(modified February 21, 2013)


Present were: Daryl B., Sam H., Edward K., Bill L., Valerie L., Glenda L., Christina N., Robyn R., Chris S.

Edward will email Ralph in Lufkin to gauge interest in position.

- Chris has postponed 1st match scheduled for this weekend to allow the new  JTT coordinator to work with Chris in setting up the teams and JTT structure on tennisLink as part of their training.

- JTT participation has been 60-150 kids / season for NETX in our 3 tournament format. The tournaments are scheduled for Saturdays and run all day, 8am - 6 pm .

- James has 5 teams from HollyTree for this spring league.

- Chris has been running the tournaments at Tyler T&S and giving the courts to JTT. There may be a need to "rent" courts for the Spring League a possible liability to NETX of $1,000.

The officers approved allocating this to allow a level playing field for all the JTT coordinator candidates. NETX fully expects the courts will be donated as things unfold.

- Fees for JTT are the lowest or among the lowest in the state; state average is $30. (Partly because courts have always been donated). Chris believes raising the fees from $12 to $25 would be appropriate.

- Chris will keep his current email and phone and will be available to the new JTT coordinator.

- Sam will send a copy of the Hosting Agreement to Edward to be made available for the other officers.

agreed we would take the money and meet the requirements

Discussion of event, diversity, related ideas.

Officers approved allocating up to $1500 from diversity grant money to publicize event.

Edward will email Bruce to see if Longview B&G club might be involved.

  1. 6:00 Meeting called to order: Introductions and general discussion

  2. 6:13 Send proxy for USTA Texas executive committee elections

  3. 6:14 Approve minutes from previous meeting

  4. 6:15 Treasurer succession: Edward will step up efforts to recruit a candidate.

  5. 6:23 Sam's email list successfully taken over. NETX is using MailChimp. 650 email sent, 160 opened. MailChimp said that was a good ratio for a non-profit.

  6. is now pointing to

  7. NETX is registered as both a CTA and NJTL. Robyn expressed surprise at our NJTL registration given we have no NJTL programs in our area. National Junior Tennis and Learning seems like a great fit to our "youth tennis" initiatives.

  8. 6:27 Bill had talked with Gerald P. at Parks & Rec and Gerald shared the city's plans to resurface courts in several parks including Faulkner, Pollard, Woldert, and Fun Forest.

  9. 6:30 Chris has four candidates for the JTT coordinator position. His plan is to interview all four, James D., Micky N., Kami F., and Chase S., this week and present us with his recommendations by the weekend. Chris knows all the candidates personally. 

  10. 7:05 Jim S. will take over USPTA league organization. .

  11. 7:06 Treasurer's report approved as presented

  12. 7:11 Hosting 55&Over Sectional. Tasha Smith-USTA, Cindy Smoak of SporTyler of the Chamber of Commerce, Brad B. and Sam H. have this year, 2013 under control. NETX financial liability is about $300. In the past NETX has paid for a special guest incurring associated $1,000 in expenses.

  13. 7:15: Partnership grant discussion. Officers read terms of Grant Award Letter  and

  14. 7:23 TJC-UTT exhibition: First Aces. Edward reported on status.

  15. 7:45 Next meeting will be on Monday, February 25 at 6:30 at location TBA

  16. 7:48 Meeting adjourned.