Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
2013 Annual Board Meeting Mniutes
February 22, 2014 at 6:30pm
(Modified: March 1, 2014)

Present were: Jonathan B, Daryl B, Kami F, Edward K, Alex L, Christina N, Robyn R, Chris S,
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order followed by introductions and catchup

  2. Review agenda & plan meeting

  3. Approve minutes from previous meeting and read thank you letter from BGCET

  4. 6:55 <HL> Board members designated and officers elected for 2014

    1. Board: Chris, Kami, Edward, Alex and Jonathan

    2. Officers:Daryl-Chair, Alex-Treasurer, Edward-Secretary, Christina- V.C. Communications, Glenda - VC

  5. 6:57 Communication officer report:

    1. Facebook page created: 76 likes as of 2/28

    2. Using MailChimp to manage newsletter which we intend to make monthly

  6. 7:03 Treasurer report and financial review and budget approved as presented

  7. 7:22 Chairperson Report

    1. Attended Texas Community Development Workshop last October

      1. NETX officers organization and responsibilities reflects best practices learned there. Addition of communications officers was a missing component.

      2. Transition / succession strategy for officers is needed

    2. 7:27 JTT update: 1st weekend went well. Lisa from Sulphur Springs has moved and so that piece was missing.

      1. Daryl plans to contact coaches in Longview to encourage their participation

      2. James has 1000 person email list he is willing to share with coalition

      3. Chris recommended directing marketing and growth efforts need to parents and kids (not schools). Other communities have found yard signs to be very effective.

      4. James' goal is to add 2-3 teams / season.

      5. Chris and James were planning to send a combined team to Texas JTT but the weekend conflicts with a Super Champ tournament, June 2014

    3. 7:38 Adult leagues:

      1. Daryl participated in Tri-Level. Robyn commented that his letter to USTA-Texas was appreciated

      2. 40&Over league is having a rough time with the Jan/Feb weather - lot's of rescheduling.

      3. Discussion about awkwardness of including Lufkin and possible solutions of weekend play or play matches at courts 1/2 between teams to reduce travel.

      4. Would be interesting to add uniques to our stats

  8. 7:47 Jonathan said Jacksonville wants to host an Adult Tournament in the fall; Indian Summer Open (Tomato Open is a Jr. Gran Prix). 1st weekend in October is open. Discussion of how to market, grow and sanction the tournament. Chris offered help with promotion, organization & TennisLink. 

  9. 7:50 TISD + BGCET tennis in schools initiatives.  

    1. Robyn met with new TISD curriculum director and got updated on schools that have or want to have tennis programs. TISD rotates their equipment to each school in 5wk blocks, program is 3 weeks in a school.

    2. Training on March 15 will focus on Safety, games and after-school tennis as opposed to the school training with focuses on the in-school curriculum.

    3. BGCET kids are do pay for the program. Extending whatever BGCET does with Kids Tennis Clubs sponsored by parents is a possibility. Robyn handed out Kids' Tennis Club Brochures.

    4. USTA and Boys and Girls Clubs have connection at the national level.

    5. Longview ISD did tennis 3 years ago. Chuck and now Jonathan are involved.

  10. 8:00 Hosting 18+ Mixed Doubles Texas Sectionals on October 17-19th. Jonathan looking for courts. Chris volunteered Faulkner.

  11. Mail Received

    1. 8:06 2/24 CTA renewal due 2/28. Robyn reminded that most of our CTAs still needed to update / register for 2014; Edward to do NETX.

    2. 2/21 Bruce text with Edward: 2nd Annual 1st Aces TJC vs UTT Exhibition and kids day is set for April 23, 2014. Would be great to expand this to Longview. On our, Bruce,Robyn, NETX radar.

    3. 2/13 Robyn: save 3/15 for B&G club and/or interested: Kids Tennis workshop / training

    4. 8:09 2/7 US Open Presidents Box fundraiser opportunity. Daryl and Chris will work together to see if we can do an auction at Hope Open. (Informal USTA-Texas guideline is $4,000 minimum target for this fundraiser)

    5. 8:17 1/31 CTA update: 3 webinars being developed by Rachel Armbruster for how to use social media, promoting cta and board orientation and training. 
      1st webinar will be March 27 from noon to 1pm.

  12. 8:19 Kami mentioned her experience in promoting the Cowen center and offered her expertise like developing and distributing pamphlets or posters as appropriate.

  13. 8:27 Next meeting with be April 7 at 6:30.

  14. 8:30 Meeting Adjourned