Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of 2015 Annual General Meeting held February 15 , 2016
(Modified: February 16, 2016 some spelling on 2017-8-31)

Present were: Andrea B, Daryl B, Edward K, Deb M, Meg R., Tracy W
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order followed by discussion of rankings, as they apply to leagues and <HL> possible disqualification of self-rated and appeal players.

  2. Board of Directors established

  3. Officers appointed  & confirmed as presented

  4. Standing Items:

    1. Review agenda & plan meeting

    2. Tennis Tip: Turn your Wings (keep your elbows up in your unit turn)

    3. Minutes from previous meeting approved

    4. Treasurer's report approved as presented <HL> Actuals through 2015/8

    5. 6:56 League reviews: <HL> Adult Stats and <HL> JTT Stats

      1. 40+ league registration was down across Texas and in NETX as well. With 18+ under way it appears there will be more registrations fro 18+.

      2. Approved $600 of forecasted $750 for bag tags for winners of all leagues (about 350 players)

      3. Approved $800 for gifts to each unique 2016 team captain. (about 60)

    6. Andrea reported that she has a booth at FIT CITY in the PARK to be held at Woldert Park on February 27 from 10am - 2pm. The event is geared to elementary kids and the community. Volunteers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andrea and Meg.

    7. Hosting Sectional, JTT Spring B, I, & A May 27-29, 2016

      1. Informally approved $2,000 to help with players party. Discussion about possible venues for players' party. Andrea, Meg and other volunteers have and will meet with SportTYLER, venues and interested others. Thanks Andrea for all you do!! Thanks Meg for volunteering to help her!

    8. Hosting Sectional,  Mixed 18 & over, Oct. 7-9, 2016: short discussion on poor attendance at and hence no plans for player party

    9. 1st Aces Youth Events - <HL> status news ... fall event cancelled to weather

    10. Recruitment of and  succession planning for officers and board: Welcome Meg and Deb. Very excited to have you onboard. Thanks Daryl and Alex for your continued involvement. Appreciate you all, your interest and time.

  5. New Business

    1. 7:26 Mail Received:

      1. 10/22 email Andrea Forwarded sectional bid form from Tasha

      2. 10/22 emails re hosting adult Sectionals: Brad B.:  thanks. Hollytree: no charge (keep balls),
        TJC: no 2016 schedule til 12/10. Sept. No. Oct. 80%, , Nov. yes.
        Faulkner available,

      3. 10/23 email CTA Update:

        1. <HL> Link to presentations from Texas CDW

        2. <HL> Link to new toolkit resource for CTAs

      4. 10/27 email UTT courts available in Oct. or Nov.

      5. 11/11 email Cascades available for Oct. 2016

      6. 11/13 email Andrea: applied for JTT sectional (thanks Andrea)

      7. 12/4 email USTA register your CTA. Edward registered Netx &

      8. 12/7 email Todd: <HL> Capacity Grant Award Letter

      9. 12/16 email: We got spring JTT sectional

      10. 12/21 email: Glenda resigns.

      11. 12/24 email: Godaddy auto-renew for $14.99 /yr on 1/24

      12. 12/28 email Tosha: got 18&over Sectional

      13. 1/4 email Andrea: to KEY and DB... about sanctioned tourney Longview. deadline 1/11

      14. 1/5 email Andrea) with info for JTT 2016. Captains meeting 1/12 6:30 Holly Tree. Updated our JTT page

      15. 1/7 Phone to Key: Chris confirming details for 1/19 meeting

      16. 1/7 text to Key: Judy at Faulkner said "Had Mail". YEC check

      17. 1/26 email Andrea: Deb McKinley accepts officer position

      18. 2/9 email Todd: Health Evaluation Report  (8.6)

    2. Confirmed informal action re: YEC $1,300, Jan. (by email 10/13)

    3. Confirmed informal action re: league fees stay same (by email 11/30)

  6. Ending Items:

    1. Next meeting is April 11, 2016

    2. 7:44 Meeting Adjourned