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Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Annual Board and Officers Minutes
December 8, 2014 at 6:30pm
(Modified: December 3, 2014)

Present were: Jake B, Tyler B, Andrea, B, Daryl B, Judy H, Edward K, Alex L,
Robyn R, Jim S, Chris S, Tracy W
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order

  2. Approve minutes from previous meeting (motions by Alex or Edward, 2nd by Chris)

  3. Tennis tips: Count steps, Slam the door, Push the car

  4. Review agenda & plan meeting

  5. Introduction of attendees

  6. Presentation of board for 2015: Tyler B, Edward K, Alex L, Jim S, and Chris S

  7. Election and Presentation of officers: no changes

    1. Would like to expand our communication / publicity role. see: 9.2.7

  8. 7:05 Treasurer's report and financial review and budget for 2015 approved as amended

  9. League reviews: USTA adult & JTT

    1. Adult league  <HL> participation #s here

    2. Financials and Grassroots history and strategy

      1. News: Center Tx building courts. Center appears to be in NETX on the extreme west side of our area in Shelby County. <HL> map of NETX
        Closer to Longview than Lufkin. Center is 89 miles from Tyler. (Lufkin is 84). Perhaps leagues could be played in Henderson.

      2. Kilgore has active tennis community - how to get them in?

      3. Hallesville: new courts. Had 35 in JTT, what about adult league participation?

      4. Intra club leagues work at Hollytree to get more involvement and pull in new players.

      5. Mixed socials seem effective to get new participation and mitigate the "spouses" issues.

      6. Tencap works great for keeping it competitive between players of different abilities .

      7. Even mixed socials are intimidating for beginners. What more can be done to create and populate an adult beginner path. More publicity?

      8. Pros are centric for promoting and organizing leagues and events.

      9. Discussion about paying new captains at certain levels, Lonestar?, $100 to get them started.

    3. 2015 Tennis Calendar will be out by Friday.

    4. Hollytree has new pro. Cascades 8 new courts will be ready in April. Tennis and swim is resurfaced and growing.

    5. 7:48 2015 Captain's meeting will be Jan. 7, 6:30 at Hollytree.

      1. Add to the weather rules a temperature rule: something like: "The match may be rescheduled if the temperature is forecast to be at or below 32 degrees F. at the time the match is scheduled to start on yahoo weather." 

      2. 7:59 Discussion of make-up matches. Dallas has a 2 week after schedule rule. We decided to stick with our "2 weeks at end" rule for better court availability.

    6. Captains appreciation plans for 2015. Ladies already "thank" their captains. Men don't do it for the money.

    7. Winners plans for 2015. Andre said in the past she had tried many things and they were not well received / appreciated. Longview TA tried a social for captains or winners with no interest.  Perhaps bag tags for 2015.

    8. Tri-Level: Motion to refund fees to anyone (about 5 players) that signed up in good faith but was not allowed to play. (Based on self-rating confusion). Players may request refund from Andrea

    9. JTT League

      1. If we could host sectionals in Tyler that would encourage participation. **Edward to email Sylvia "We're interested"

  10. Hosting 18+ Mixed Doubles Texas Sectionals in Oct. 2-4, 2015

  11. Coaches & Pros Association - interest among attending pros. NETX here to help.

  12. 1st Aces Youth Events - <HL> status news ... Longview and Tyler plan to have "Introducing Kids to Tennis" events.

  13. Recruitment of and  succession planing for officers and board

    1. Communications VP - rolls and responsibilities

    2. Candidates for Adult League Coordinator Liaison

    3. Candidates for JTT Coordinator Liaison

  14. Mail and email received:

    1. 10/17 Email USTA. Links to <HL> instructional videos including 10&under competencies

    2. 10/22 Email Daryl with contact info and plans for Longview 1st Aces

    3. 10/28 Emails: Regarding Whitehouse ISD tennis at Cain Elem.  Holly Drain, Teacher. Ann Butler Science and PE Instructional Consultant

    4. 10/28 Tasha called Edward: Tyler will host Mixed 18&over Oct. 2-4 2015

    5. 11/6 Email from Lufkin Tennis Booster Club. Logo on T-Shirts for $100?

    6. 11/25 Email Todd: Capacity Grant Award Letter
      $1,700 = $750 meetings, $750 Captains event, $200 winners (Motion to accept)

  15. Next meeting will be January 7 at 6:30 at Hollytree.

  16. 8:40 Meeting Adjourned