Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes of Annual Meeting of Board, Members and Officers
December 8, 2012 at 11:30 am

(modified December 10, 2012 spelling 2017-08-31)

Present: Bethany A., Daryl B. Mary Jane D., Sam H., Edward K., Bill L., Robyn R., Chris S., Tracy W.

  1. 11:30 meeting called to order: conversation, discussion of league formats, review agenda, short discussion of 2013 Run & Roll event and suitability of different venues.

  2. 11:40 Presidents message including, "Thank you for being here".

  3. Introductions:

    1. Succession planning for Sam.  Chris suggested a written document would help him inform interested people. ** Edward to prepare and send to Sam for edit.

    2. TCTA is sponsoring Resurface 5-6-7-8 at Faulkner. Bill L. is willing to remain as President of TCTA in name and still designates Edward to act in his behalf.

    3. Chris's hats: TTS, JTT, USPTA Junior Gran Prix. Short discussion of State events and USTA not partnering with Newcombs for 2013. Only JTT spring team has nationals.

    4. Short synopsis of NETX changing leadership.

  4. CTA designated representative becomes a member of Board of Directors.

    1. Board elects Jim S. to represent Holly Tree, and Ralph R. to represent Lufkin.

  5. 11:55 Minutes approved as presented.

  6. 11:56 Board elected and approved the following officers: Daryl-Chairperson, Glenda & Christina Vice-chairpersons, Edward-Secretary and Sam-Treasurer.

  7. 11:58 Treasurers report accepted as presented (Edward, Mary Jane)

  8. 12:02 Discussion of Board of Directors composition and by-laws.

  9. CTA registration vs. CTA membership

  10. 12:14 Cain Center current status, discussion of relationship to other attendees

  11. 12:20 Officer's year in review:

    1. Officers met regularly, tried for monthly

    2. Adult League fees changed to be consistent, $20 / league and raise some additional funding for grassroots programming.

    3. Diversity grant for 2012 of $1,700 is still available to help our tennis participation better reflect Texas's demographics.

    4. Review league participation: Adult up. JTT down. Number of players and unique players. Discussion of 20-30 age group, extending Adult leagues with recreational leagues

  12. 12:33 Recreational Leagues: Tennis Competitors of Dallas is a 4,000 player recreational league. **Robyn has examples of some different successful formats for recreational leagues. Still a league with the same challenges of managing any league. Possible NETX initiative?

  13. 12:38 JTT: summers are busy. 8&under is successful as a local event. Everyone has a shared vision of clusters of JTT at schools, clubs, churches... Texas as a whole is seeing a huge growth in 10&under. Athens will travel easier to Tyler than to Dallas. Longview has a once/wk youth program. Jacksonville's youth program run by Chuck Roper. Play Days, participation tennis as a lead in to JTT competition tennis. Free memberships will be available again in 2013. Renewal is $10.

  14. 12:50 JTT continued: Don't write off spring for building JTT & slow and steady beats fast and regretful. Bethany shared experience of 1st recruiting coaches and then using a flyer in every backpack through the school to build a program. Other successful marketing includes yard signs (Cedar Park) and banners (Ft. Worth)

  15. 1:19 Partnership grant: it's not too late to apply. If you can't make the 12/14 deadline then let Taylor and Todd know and see if arrangements can be made.

  16. 1:22 CTA needs, wants, desires..: Help with marketing and getting the word out. Equipment grants, facility improvement, 10&under training (there is a 10 & under training scheduled in Lufkin in late January), Support for local pro, adult recreation leagues to extend leagues into fall, adult beginner lesson strategy, volunteer recruitment and retention (webinars and other training is available)

  17. Officer's meeting scheduled for Friday, January 28 at 6:00 at Ryan's. Is this going to work ?

  18. 1:54 Meeting adjourned.