Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Minutes from meeting of December 3, 2011
(modified December 6, 2011)

11:42 AM - Meeting called to order, welcome and introduction of coalition attendees.
Present were: Jan Bulls, Todd Carlson, Bob Conroy, Sam Hopkins, Edward Keyser, Bill Liggett, Robyn Readicker, Zach Rogers, Chuck Roper, Chris Singer, Tracy White
11:58: - presentation of recognition of service to Bob Conroy
12:01 PM - Minutes of 2010 Annual meeting approved as presented (motioned by Tracy / seconded by Bill).
12:07 Financial report for 2011 approved as presented (Chris / Tracy).
Election of 2012 Officers.  Nominated by Chris & Tracy, and approved unanimously:
   Jan Bulls – President, Daryl Bitting – Vice President, Edward Keyser – Secretary, Sam Hopkins – Treasurer
* * Texas Corporate Records to be notified of changes in officers as required (Sam)
* * USTA membership information to be updated with new officers (Edward)
Discussion of Senior Sectionals / 55 and over tournament and chances of hosting given the 5 court format.
12:17 - Review and approve Corporate By-Laws as presented (format changes only) (Tracy / Bill).
12:22 - Northeast Texas Tennis Calendar 2012 review and discussion.   Faulkner Park is not represented.  Sanctioned tournaments must include a 10 & under Quickstart format.
12:29 - Program reports and contracts of USTA adult and junior league coordinators for 2012;
Andrea Booth and Chris Singer will remain in their respective roles (Sam / Bill).
12:31 Chris reported that Quickstart and Advanced Team (super champs) numbers were slightly down.  Little League analogy used to illustrate the commitment, parental involvement and structure to get more kids into tennis. Church groups, especially church groups that have a sports component are logical organization with whom to join forces.
12:43 Chuck Roper elected Junior Development / Quick Start Officer (Chris / Bill).
12:45 - Review of USTA Texas Section NETX CTA Organizational Health Report.
Summary: NETX CTA = 5.3, Texas average is 5.2. Discussion of the report including the NETX CTA encouraging development of grass roots programs to grow the game, and better use of publicity, newspapers, to promote tennis.
- * * What does the NETX CTA want to do? If and how we would raise funds to do it?
1:12 –Todd Carlson went over the document he had prepared using the Health Report as a guide, which has concrete ideas on how the NETX could improve it’s effectiveness (and consequently it’s health score).
1:21 - Preparations for hosting the 2012 senior sectionals in Tyler.
1:22 - Consideration of support for the 2012 USPTA Juniors Gran Prix.  Consensus is that money is not the obstacle to taking a team to State; no financial support from NETX in 2012 (as yet).  Gran Prix events are great for providing tournament experience for kids not playing ZATs.
Chris reiterated that Tyler Tennis & Swim hosts the Gran Prix tournaments by default and that other clubs are welcome to host. Chris sends emails asking for host clubs and gets no takers. A Gran Prix can be run on 6 courts.  Additional tournaments could be added. Last tournament in July allows a month to form teams for State in August.  Chris mentioned his desire to see rules changed so kids that enrolled in Gran Prix could play the year instead of being disqualified if they qualified for Super Champs.
1:44 - Reports of Coalition CTAs and consideration of grant / support requests.
1:52 – Zach Rogers will be the NETX CTA Sports info and publicist; focal point for media/press contact and associated dissemination of news and events reports, workshop announcements, college matches.
1:55 - NETX CTA is a USTA Texas Section Qualified Organization. In Texas there are 17 qualified organizations, and 61 CTAs.  5 CTAs have paid positions. Four types of Organizational memberships in the USTA are CTA, Facility, Parks & Rec., Schools.
* * Move NETX CTA website to taking advantage of that organization benefit (Edward)
* * Next meeting of the board or executive to be announced (Jan)
2:05 - Meeting adjourned.
* * denotes action required (person responsible)