NETX Executive Meeting
December 20, 2011
(modified February 7, 2011).

Present were: Daryl B., Andrea B., Jan B., Sam H., Edward K.  

  1.  7:25 pm - Meeting called to order. Sam  handed out NETX binders he had assembled and gave us an overview of the binder contents.

    1. (wow- what a lot of work and expertly done; thanks Sam)

  2. 7:35 - Bank account update: Jan is authorized and procedures are in place so no one is in the position of having to write a check to themselves.

  3. 7:38 - Review of year-to-date financials:

    1. fewer league participants has cut revenue. In 2009 Texas section added $5 at whch time NETX added $2. Our portion of the "base" is adjustable.

    2. Our, NETX, league fees are low, compared to the State, largely because clubs are not charging court fees (Thanks pros and members)

    3. New league, 40 and over, could / will provide additional revenue.

  4. 7:46 - Base for NETX leagues is $8= $3 to TennisLink, $3 to Texas Section, and $2 to NETX. Coordinator gets paid the following for each league member (amount includes the base) $15- seniors, $20-adult, $8-Lonestar (low participation and no men) $15-adult mixed, $8-Super Seniors, $20 for three tournaments, Combo, Tri-Level and Sr. Mixed (Coordinator, Andrea, provides balls)

    1. Unanimously approved that Andrea would continue to receive this compensation which Andrea thought was fair and is inline with other USTA coordinators

  5. 7:57 - Review of USTA Health Index:

    1. discussion of "grassroots" programming and the now infamous "14%". Grassroots surely includes, QuickStart, Jr. Team Tennis[JTT] and tennis-in-schools  

    2. We, NETX, could raise additional funds buy hosting a tournament, and/or getting sponsors for tournaments or initiatives

  6. 8:24 - Corporate Sponsorship discussion: fundraising activities tabled

  7. 8:35 - Sam will reply to the USTA to update our Health Index Information by January 6th with at least the following informaiton:

* strategic plan

* short term and long term goals

* on-line registration form (for the NETX)

* sample agenda.

Sam said some of the information was available and was inadvertently omitted from the initial information.

He also noted any suggestions on plan and goals is welcome.

USTA stated that fully providing the above information would raise our score from 5.3 to 7.8 (Texas avg. is 5.2)

  1. 8:47 -  Quarterly meetings discussion; who should / will attend, what would be accomplished, where would they be held...

  2. 9:00 - By Jan. 15th Sam will use TennisLink to supply some numbers on participation in our area so the NETX can better plan;

    1. participation by age group, USTA membership (by age group), Organizational Members, JTT participation, ....

  3. 9:05 - Next meeting will be Jan 24th at 6pm. Location and type of meeting to be announced. Agenda items include:

    1. - meeting with Chris S. to talk about JTT and his compensation  

    2. -  review numbers from above (#9), Strategic plan and goals.

  4. 9:07 meeting adjourned