2019 NETX  Budget    Modified: January 2, 2019

RESERVES: $43.359


I. Programs, Leagues, and Tournaments

USTA Adult League ___________________________$23,500

USTA Jr. Team Tennis ___________________________$6,000 __

USTA Tournaments _$________

II. Non-USTA Programs, Leagues, and Tournaments _$________

III. Donations, Sponsorships, Various _$________

IV. Other _$________

total Income:  $29,000



I. Program Expenses

(Marketing, balls, adult league coordinator, tourney director salaries, court fees, etc…)


USTA Adult Leagues ____________________________$18,000

(courts, balls, coordinator, other costs)

USTA Jr. Team Tennis _____________________________$6,000

USTA Tournaments _$________

(courts, balls, tournament director, other costs)

Grassroots (NJTL, JTT, adaptive, etc.) ______________$1,500


Other Programs _________________________________$3,000


II. Overhead

(Office and rental space, equipment, non-league/tournament coordinator fees, etc…)

Various overhead __________________________________$1,000

total Expenses:  $29,500


Balance:  $42,859