Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Board and Officers August 24, 2015 meeting minutes
(Modified: August 25, 2015 spelling 2017-08-31)

Present were: Andrea B, Daryl B, Edward K, Alex L, Glenda L
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order followed by discussion and catch-up

  2. 6:50 Tennis tip: TBT, Toss Bend Tilt at same time, To Be Terrific

  3. 6:55 Minutes approved as presented

  4. 6:56 Financial report approved as presented. Discussion followed on several items including League Coordinator pay and succession planning

  5. 7:06 Review Adult league participation. Scheduling opportunities, Combo for example

  6. JTT: Andrea working with James to increase participation and forecast big Fall JTT

  7. 7:12 Hosting Mixed Doubles Sectionals Oct. 2-4. Andrea usually manages a site and will assure NETX commitment to provide snacks, in the past bananas and peanuts.

  8. 7:15 review plans to attend Texas CDW. Hopefully some new officers can go

  9. 7:17 Youth Engagement Coordinator [YEC]: discuss position responsibilities. NETX wants the position to include opportunities like Fun Tournaments for ALL ages....

    1. 7:36 list, rank and decide contact method for candidates

    2. 7:50 discuss funding for YEC now and into future

  10. 7:55 Adult league bag tags well received. Thanks Andrea for making that happen!!

  11. 7:59 Discuss succession planning for officers. Generate list of people that might be interested in serving on NETX and decide who/how to approach them.

  12. Mail and email received:

    1. Aug 3: email Todd: call for Capacity Building Grant report and 2016 CBG application and health index update all due Nov. 1

    2. Jul 31: email Todd: Young Engagement Specialist position awarded to NETX

    3. Jul 9: email from Todd with feedback on draft grant proposal -  Including
      < HL> Invitation for Proposal to develop Local Outreach Coordinators

  13. Next meeting is  September 28th.

  14. 8:20 Meeting Adjourned