Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Officers Meeting Minutes
Aug 25, 2014 at 6:30pm
(Modified: September 2, 2014)

Present were: Daryl B, Jason H, Edward K, Alex L, Robyn R, Chris S
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order. Visit catch-up, TCTA, Cascades

  2. 7:05 Review agenda & plan meeting

  3. Minutes from previous meeting approved

  4. 7:08 Treasurer's report and financial review and budget approved as presented

    1. ** all encouraged to come to next meetings with ideas to support grassroots tennis

  5. 7:13 League reviews: USTA adult & JTT

    1. League participation #s for 2014 <HL> confirm preliminary #s here

    2. Adult league schedule about as good as it can be. Motion carried to have same schedule for 2015. **Christina or Daryl will be ALC liaison

    3. 7:30 JTT Sept. 20th is last day to have 3 kids registered in a team for fall league. 1st tournament is 9/27. **Glenda or Edward will be JLC liaison and 1st priority will be to help James get more signed up for Fall like Luke Griffin the coach at Grace.

  6. Report from Robyn on trainings and happenings

    1. 7:45 Tyler ISD is reviewing and renewing Organizational memberships and needs new foam balls to get equipment usable again. 25+ schools have had tennis curriculum training and TISD contact, Kim Tunnel, would like to see it revived.

    2. 7:55 Robyn met with TTS which is now a part of Cliff Drysdale organization and has new staff, Tyler and Jake Baranowski. New managers and management are committed long term to TTS and interested in how TCTA could be re-started, and Special Olympics tennis.

  7. Daryl in touch with Boy & Girls Club of Longview: equipment and 1st Aces for them

  8. 8:07 Hosting 18+ Mixed Doubles Texas Sectionals on October 17-19th.

  9. 8:10 Recruitment of and succession planing for officers

  10. 8:12 Status of Coaches & Pros Association

  11. Mail received:

    1. 7-5 Robyn: reminder that all JTT coaches must have their background checks

    2. 7-9 Todd: <HL>  USTA will reimburse college player adult league fee

    3. 7-13 Todd: CTA update: <HL> promoting your CTA Rachel Armbruster
      Call: 800-704-1867 Passcode: 20235#

    4. 7-15 Robyn: <HL> JTT Fall Pilot Rules

    5. 7-16 USTA &Robyn: Host an event get a $50 Amazon gift card

    6. 7-13 Todd: CTA update: <HL> promoting your CTA Rachel Armbruster

    7. 7-17 Robyn: Heads up about Heartland P&R, tennis courts in Big Sandy

    8. 7-24 Robyn: JTT stipend. Survey, ISD updates

    9. 7-24 Todd: USTA TX <HL> Comm. Dev.  Awards nominations due 9/15

    10. 7-30 Sylvia: JTT webinar / conference call tomorrow

    11. 7-30 Alex: NETX Organ.  mem. renewed 5 years. Email and password changed

    12. 8-1 Todd: Scholarships available to National CDW workshop

    13. 8-6,7 Robyn and USTA: Register Sept. Playdays for $50 gift card

    14. 8-8 Todd: <HL>Donor retention webinar with Rachel A on Aug 22, noon-1

    15. 8-13 USTA Webinar on 8/19: Having Successful Playdays

    16. 8-18 USTA Foundation: NJTL training in Washington D.C. OCt. 11-12

    17. 8-20 Todd: <HL> USTA Texas Committee member application, deadline 9/17

  12. 8:15 Next meeting will be October 20. Annual meeting will be December 8.

  13. 8:28 Meeting Adjourned