Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Officers Meeting Minutes April 7, 2014
(Modified: June 15, 2014, spelling 2017--8-31)

Present were: Daryl B, Kami F, Glenda L, Edward K, Robyn R
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  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order followed by discussion and catch-up

  2. Review agenda & plan meeting

  3. Approve minutes from previous meeting

  4. Treasurer's information approved as presented

  5. 6:44 Health index feedback expected soon

  6. 6:53 Update on communication status. Facebook page, monthly newsletter. Edward to add "Like" button to Home page.

  7. 6:55 Discussion about Bonner Elementary; they had TISD equipment from 1/21-2/28.

  8. 6:57 BGCET & TISD: got schools registered, BGCET very appreciative of NETXCTA help(see 18.10). BBCET will keep  equipment that was allocated through this initiative. BGCET are integrating tennis into their "Healthy Habits" curriculum for after school.

  9. 1st Aces  second Annual scheduled for April 23. Participants will come from BGCET and St.Paul Wonderful Wednesday program. Bruce suggested NETXCTA spend $$ on equipment and reserve for Longview 1st aces instead of t-shirts this year.

  10. Officers approved $500-$600 equipment grant to BGCET, St. Pauls, Glass Recreation (for recently surfaced Woldert Park (which Gerald assured Robyn would get a net soon)).

  11. 7:38 Officers approved $175 for 5 organizational memberships to be giving at Robyn's discretion (Glass, St. Paul, Breckenridge Village (which partners with the BGCET to provide recreation and socialization opportunities for residents), Salvation Army?)

  12. 7:43 USTA 40+ leagues were moved forward a few weeks for 2014. Weather was horrible. Team captains present said, "1 maybe 2 matches played on scheduled dates". Ideas and discussion included: * move forward as many weeks as possible to try for better weather. *look at adding Saturday play (pole, survey to Captains?) *a better "Lufkin" strategy (any travel over 60 miles for a night match is very difficult).  Daryl will discuss with Andrea.

  13. 7:57 JTT. NETXCTA numbers fell for spring participation. Adult advocate in Sulfur Springs moved to Arizona so SS did not bring their 3-4 teams. JTT is "broken". Numbers are down Nationally. See mail received #1. (Amended as per reading 6/9)

  14. 8:06 "HOT SHOTS" non-advancing league format is being piloted in San Antonio. The goal, being to connect Kids' Clubs to JTT.

  15. 8:12 Gran Prix is filling a need to offer kids opportunities to play, competitively.

  16. No news on Hosting 18+ Mixed Doubles Texas Sectionals on October 17-19th.

  17. Officers attended Social Media Webinar on 3/27 <HL> 1 hour recording

  18. Mail received:

    1. 4/4 Email Robyn forwarded email from Sylvia about JTT conf. call..
      5 attachments: <HL>Call transcript 1 and <HL> 2, <HL>Stipend request (1 page),<HL> JTT numbers (1 pg. NETX down 86 players),<HL> JTT Recommendations (5 pages)

    2. 4/1 email: <Hl> free league ladder, tournament organizer

    3. 3/31 email Robyn: Tennis camp scholarships available <HL> application page

    4. 3/18 email back from Karen Crumpton (told her about newsletter)

    5. 3/11 email: <HL> Capacity Grant Award Letter to Daryl

    6. 3/5  email USTA: report back on uniques in our area. The stats that they have are USTA member and type of membership: 1,609 USTA Texas members.  1,101 adults. and 508 juniors under 19 years of age.

    7. 3/4 email USTA Texas awards available for nomination. Nominations close 4/15

    8. 2/27 email <HL> Daryl's JTT initiative for High School Coaches to play fall JTT

    9. 2/27 email CTA registration approved

    10. 2/25 <HL> Thank you letter for donation from BGCET

  19. 8:20 Next meeting will be May 12th at China King.

  20. 8:22 Meeting Adjourned