Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Officers Meeting April 11, 2016 at 6:30pm Minutes
(Modified: April 18, 2016)

Present were: Andrea B, Daryl B, Deb M, Meg R., Chris T.
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  1. Tennis tip- When hitting an overhead, you should carry your head as if you were wearing an neck brace.  Keep your head up!

  2. Minutes approved-  Motion by Meg, second by Deb, motion carried

  3. Treasurer report-  Bank balance is $42,319.33.  Alex has a $9,914 check to deposit and owes Andrea a check for $6,403.  We also owe Ike, but the amount is discussed later.

  4. Adult league- 

    1. The plan is to change the MIXED 40+ tournament to a league beginning in January that plays on Sunday

    2. Andrea to provide numbers for 2016 year to date.

    3. Early start is being discontinued this year, so there will not be a mid-year NTRP rating.  Early start only benefitted one league for the big cities.  The plan moving forward is the big cities can still start their leagues in Fall, but they run the risk that a player that receives an end of year rating higher than the league they are participating will not be allowed to participate in sectionals if the team advances. 

  5. Youth engagement specialist

    1. Ike has started!  Activities include

      • school workshops at Lindale for the PE teachers,

      • Autism fun run had a booth,

      • Fit City had a booth,

      • attended 10& under training. 

    2. Ike is talking with Longview CTA about holding a social in Longview

    3. Ike is talking to Lindale CTA about hosting a play day for youth

    4. Andrea and Ike are going to meet to discuss plan for 2016, and ask Ike to establish goals

    5. Pay was discussed, and we agreed to stick with the $1300 per month for each month that Ike is actively promoting tennis in NETX. 

    6. Andrea will discuss with Ike what he needs in terms of equipment, and a shopping list will be presented to the board for approval via email.

  6. JTT

    1. Andrea worked with Cindy Smoake. And have worked out a deal to host 350 kids at Times Square.

      • A choice of two movies will be included (Angry Birds and X-Men)

      • Three slices of Double Dave’s pizza will be provided with a fountain drink

      • Ten pre-made salads will be available for vegetarian meals.

      • NETX will pay $2000

      • City to pay $1865

      • City is providing captain gift and player gifts

      • No chaperones will be needed with this venue, compared to TJC alternate considered.

      • Event to occur May 27-29

  7. Adult Mixed Sectionals

    1. No concerns

    2. City will provide captain gifts

    3. USTA will provide most of the tournament coverage

    4. NETX will provide bananas if requested

  8. First Aces

    1. Andrea is working with Tyler Parks to get signs put up to limit tennis courts to tennis only. 

    2. Some push back from city, not understanding soccer on tennis courts will tear up the fences, nets, etc

    3. USTA matching funds to improve courts will not be pursued until courts are dedicated to tennis.

  9. Recruitment

    1. Chris Thomasson has agreed to join the committee

    2. Chris brings an understanding of social media, and will be a great addition

    3. Committee should cross training new members with Edward to allow a smooth transition, and allow Edward to take on a different role such as chairman or vice chairman.

  10. Quarterly Conference Call with Todd Carlson

    1. ESPN will be increasing tennis coverage

    2. Todd attended discussed the benefits for playing tennis in terms of improved heart rate and bone density.

    3. Todd asked if we would be interested in adopting a military unit.  Lack of a base near Longview/Tyler makes this impractical in the opinion of the committee.

    4. San Antonio has created some tools for increasing volunteerism.  Not our emphasis at this time. 

  11. Mail Received:

    1. 2/16 email Todd: Free Sponsorship Proposal Training from Armbruster Consulting.Edward attended 2/18 webinar <HL> Blueprint for Proposal

    2. 2/18 email Todd: April 1 deadline to respond about YES year 2. (1/4 funded by USTA-TX, (was 1/2 funded,$7,800, in 2015))

    3. 2/20 Key pickup Capacity Check at Faulkner and mail to Alex

    4. 2/23 emails: Key to Todd and Todd back re: YES

    5. 3/6 Snail Mail Todd: invitation to nominate for USTA-TX awards

    6. 3/29 email Todd: invitation to Conf. Call.

  12. Ending Items:

    1. Next meeting is June 20th

    2. Meeting Adjourned

Thanks Daryl for taking and typing notes.