Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Executive Officers Meeting Minutes
April 1, 2013
(modified April 18, 2013)

Present were: Daryl B., Todd C., Edward K, Alex L., Christina N., and Robyn R.
(until you click them, the hot links are hard to see so look for <HL>  **notes action item

  1. 6:30 Meeting called to order. Conversation, introductions, discussion about leagues, blended lines, games for 10 & under. ** Todd is going to see about the Davis Cup Curriculum 

  2. 6:49 Todd presented the Expansion Plan Synopsis. (available clicking here)

    1. NETX was encouraged to participate at the state level by have a representative as one of the 12 reps elected from CTAs

  3. 7:09 NETX budget. Daryl shared: Budget, worksheet and CDW worksheet. Probably deserves a better going over.  Daryl if you want, provide digital copies to me and I'll post them. Or make the workbook available

  4. 7:14 CDW or Board retreat discussion. Daryl and Todd had contributions. ** Christina is going to scope out HollyLake

  5. 7:22 Treasures Report approved as presented. Alex had paper work for registered agent and filed the 990 Postcard IRS document.

  6. 7:28 Minutes of last meeting approved as posted.

  7. 7:29 Health Index: Todd went over our updated health index. Areas to improve include:

    1. Fund raising committee to increase revenue

    2. Facebook page

    3. Join forces with YMCA, B&G club or church programs

    4. Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Plan and measurable goals to make it happen

  8. 7:40 Facebook: discussion. ** Todd is going to provide example of pages that are working well for CTAs. NETT being one. (Look for links here)

  9. 7:52 Email 3/14. Additional partnership grant award of $2,000.

  10. 7:53 Discussion of Adult leagues scheduling. Todd will review how other CTAs handled 18+ and 40+.
    <HL> League registrations from Andrea verified with data presented here

  11. 8:14 opportunity to be selected for a pair of US Open President Box tickets as a fundraiser for NETX. We decided, "Not this year".

  12. 8:23 JTT Coordinator and plans

    1. JTT stipend from USTA disappeared this year. James will only be getting what we give him.

    2. Current progress (Robyn important dates, Edward, Alex contact information)

    3. Informal Action: 3/14. 3 officers voted for a Spring JTT budget of 120 cans of balls @ $2.80 / can = $336 + about $100 for other spring league expenses.

    4. Officer's rep for JTT (person that will interface with James, especially if James not attending meeting)

    5. <HL> Review and discuss agreement, Edward has made some changes

    6. <HL> CTA/ALC agreement letter conceivably between NETX, Daly and USTA-TEXAS; not currently "required" by USTA-Texas - still good ideas and heads up.

    7. Court availability for Spring (Incurred expenses)

    8. Status of JTT website and appropriateness of it being hosted at a "Club" site

    9. Fees and plans for summer (no State or nationals for summer <HL>USTA TEXAS JTT calendar

    10. Fees and plans for fall (Fall registration opens July 29, Regionals Oct 27.)

    11. plans to increase more involvement

  13. <HL>First Aces: TJC & UTT Exhibition / PlayDay: April 16th - update:

  14. Hosting 55&over Sectionals:

  15. Newsletter sent March 4 to 663 recipients, 239 opens (37%).

  16. Edward did <HL>Fund Raising 101 Description on March 27th.
    <HL> Participant Journal see pages 10-11 for a self assessment.

  17. <HL> Presentations from USTA-TEXAS CDW, including the two that Daryl shared with us, Volunteers and Board recruitment are available here.

  18. Recreational League(s) and tournaments as revenue streams

  19. Nominate Sam  for<HL>W. T. Caswell Service Award: **Edward will follow-up on work Robyn did last year. Prepare submission and pass to Daryl for approval.

  20. Email 3/22. Sylvia Krywacz USTA Texas JTT coordinator.

  21. Email 3/13 GrantStation having Spring Membership Drive at $269

  22. 8:55 next meeting is May 6th at China King at 6:30pm

  23. 9:01 Meeting adjourned