Northeast Texas Coalition Tennis Association
Annual General Meeting Fall 2020

Proposed Agenda

(Modified: November 11, 2020)

Present might be: Andrea B, Karen F, Laura G, Edward K, Alex L, Deb M, Gary O, Meg R, Will S, Melody W
*until you click them, the hot links are hard to see so look for <HL>

  1. 6:00 pm Meeting will be called to order

  2. Standing Items:

    1. Review agenda & plan meeting

    2. Approve minutes from previous meeting

    3. Treasurer's report and financial review <HL> Actuals through 2019 + budget

    4. PR officer report and reports from other officers

    5. League reviews: USTA adult & JTT <HL> Adult Stats and JTT Stats

      1. Schedule for 2021 and upcoming changes

      2. Encourage League leadership: organizations, directors, captains

      3. JTT

    6. Report from USTA TSR (trainings, happenings, ....

    7. Hosting Sectionals plans: hosting 55&over Mixed for 2021

    8. Recruitment, succession planning, training, responsibilities: officers and board

    9. NETX Tournament Strategy: Tennis/Cornhole Tournament?
      Superbowl Tournament ? Free League kick-off tournament and social event?
      (some CTAs bring in more money with tournaments than leagues)
      Partner with: Special Olympics, Senior Activity, Cornhole organization(s) <HL>ACA....

    10. Bellatorium Resource Pro Classic (couldn't find the 2021 dates)

      1. increase attendance from area schools

      2. Is there a way we can help with housing?

      3. What's the Aceing Autism connection and can we make it more local?

      4. What add-on events can we do with the pros here? Club Challenges, School show&tell, ...

      5. CTA in metroplex was (they lost their event) making $60,000 / year in fundraisers associated with event.

  3. Old Business

    1. Growth Path for NE TX tennis 2019, 2020 and Beyond (support USTA-TX CTA initiative PDF process)

  4. New Business

    1. Approve email and text decisions

    2. Officers appointed

    3.  free program for facilities: <HL> RSi Magazine Nov/Dec Mag page 11

    4. CTA regional phone call with USTA-TX  Edward attended.

  5. Ending Items:

    1. Next meeting is _____________________

    2. Meeting Adjourned

Edits, ideas, comments or critiques are welcome     
Karen, PR NeTxCTA, email:
Karen's cell ( talk / text ) 903.570.2618

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