NETX Capacity Building Grant year-end Report for 2019                                                                     Modified: December 28, 2019


Award letter for 2019 with our accomplishments in bold italics


Continue to promote and support grassroots tennis programs in the surrounding areas outside of Tyler

and engage all the various communities represented in the coalition.


● NETX is encouraged to create a Diversity and Inclusion committee to further support the diverse community it serves. Our board and officers are dedicated to bringing tennis opportunities to our population regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation. This is important to all of us.

● Utilize $500.00 to offset website and hosting costs. We continue to support the official platform for developing and maintaining our website. We keep our website current and relevant.

● Utilize $500.00 to support bi-monthly board meeting planning and education. Grant money helps offset the costs of our meetings – thank you.

● Utilize $400.00 to support social media engagement and marketing promotions. Our volunteer social media officer uses this money as appropriate to increase the effectiveness of our social media and public relations efforts.

● Utilize $500.00 to offset the adult league player and JTT player promotional/incentive expenses. All items must be used as a marketing tool and promote NETX through the use of your CTA logo, a strong call to action, and contact information. We spent $3465 in 2019 on league recognition. We have a co-branded, USTA-TEXAS, NE Texas Tennis Coalition banner that is prominently displayed at tournaments, RBC Challenge and Hope Open.

● Utilize $400.00 to support volunteer recognition efforts. NETX is encouraged to create an ambassador-type program comprised of tennis enthusiasts from the various communities it serves in an effort to involve more individuals in the CTA happenings. We spend as appropriately to recruit and train our volunteers. All our board and officers are volunteers. This money is spent mainly on recruitment.

● Utilize $550.00 to support new board members/volunteers (at least 2) to attend the USTA Texas Tennis Summit (Sept. 27-29, 2019). These individuals are in addition to the NETX board/volunteers who are part of the USTA Texas leadership and will have to be in attendance. We enjoyed the Tennis Summit so much. Thank you for partially offsetting our expenses to be there.

● Share photos and success stories with USTA Texas Staff (email: of how this grant has impacted your community. Our social media presence is active. We hope you “like” us and get to regularly see our pictures and hear our stories.

● Participate in quarterly CTA conference calls with USTA Texas staff. Many of us participate and find the calls useful.


In summary, we are volunteer officers and board members. In 2019 we grew our adult leagues and our new JTT coordinator stepped in to keep JTT comparable to past years. We implemented a succession plan for our officers and board to keep the ideas fresh and the enthusiasm high. We're primed to grow our core assets and intent on adding additional assets, programs and participants of all genders, race, ethnicity and religious affiliations.


Thank you, USTA-TEXAS for helping.