2018 Capacity Building Grant year end report           Modified December 20, 2018

2018 Deliverables (as per award letter) and our EOY Report

  1. Continue to promote and create new grassroots tennis programs in your area. Also focus on growing your school tennis programs and establish at least one new Net Generation Community Partnership with an area school.

    NETX held a net generation event with an area school at our professional tournament in October. Thank you Mike Carter for your help and guidance.

  2. Update your excellent 2018 Strategic Plan to include some long-term (3-5 year) organizational goals to provide additional direction for NETX

    Updated for 2019 (thanks Meg) See our strategic plan here

  3. Schedule, at the minimum, bi-monthly board meetings to review the status of goals, upcoming events and potential opportunities

    Bi-monthly board meetings are working well for us.

  4. Utilize $500.00 of funds to support board planning and education

    We continue to use funds for webinars, seminars, and classroom instruction as appropriate for our officers, especially new officers. Thank you USTA-Texas for continuing to support our education, personal growth, and desire to help.

  5. Utilize $500.00 of funds to support league player recognition. All items must be used as a marketing tool and promote NETX through logo and URL usage. Also consider flyers sharing upcoming events/how to get involved.

    Team captains, pros, coaches, and other organizers like parents are critical to the success of USTA and other Leagues. Supporting and incentivizing these critical participants is fundamental to our success. USTA-Texas could help by decimating  best practices ideas gleaned from wider experiences and reporting.

  6. Utilize $250.00 of funds to support the purchase of a laptop for JTT and other usage
    We purchased a laptop and printer for our JTT coordinator to recognize his contributions and facilitate his work in 2018.

    We have a new coordinator for 2019 and are sure funds will help his motivation and effectiveness.

  7. Utilize $500.00 of funds to support JTT promotional/incentive items. All items must be used as a marketing tool and promote NETX through logo and URL usage
    See #5 above. This is the crux of our efforts to grow JTT. We budget $1,000s as appropriate to grow JTT.

  8. Utilize $100.00 of funds to support volunteer recognition efforts
    NETX makes every effort to provide recognition for volunteers; like parents that coach or help coaches with JTT. We budget $100s of dollars for this MOST IMPORTANT effort.

  9. Utilize $500.00 of funds to support WTA Challenger opportunities. NETX is highly encouraged to continue to organize/assist area school attendance.
    In 2018 we sponsored this tournament at the Bronze, $2,500 level and budgeted $5,000 to increase school attendance.

  10. Utilize $500.00 of funds to support social media, marketing and website needs
    Social media is fundamental to increasing exposure to a younger player base. We budget $1,000s to increase awareness and subsequent participation of younger players.

  11. Share photos of how this grant has impacted your community with USTA Texas Staff (Alex Trobough or Taylor Jones)
    Our photos are available on social media.

  12. Participate bi-annual grant conference call with USTA Texas staff to share ideas and discuss successes and challenges
    We participate in all USTA-Texas conference calls to which we are invited. Thanks for the invitations.