December 13, 2017

Ainsley Williams USTA Texas

RE: 2017 Grow the Game Grant report for NE TX Coalition Tennis Association

Dear Ainsley,

Thank you so much for the grant of equipment, rackets, balls, wristbands, and supplies to facilitate out youth tennis programming in East Texas.

Here is a report to you on the programs enabled and enhanced by your generous grant.
After School programming was provided in Fall 2016, Spring 2017 and Fall 2017
In-school programming was provided at Stanton-Smith Elementary in Whitehouse, TX
Equipment was available for Summer Camps and Play Days 2017

After School Programming

Whitehouse ISD head coach and a local USPTA pro worked together to provide after school programming. As you may be aware, UIL prohibits outside coaching to UIL sports. Consequently, the WISD head coach made WISD tennis courts available to our local USPTA pro who provided lessons to the community after school. The pro volunteered his time and we were able to offer the lessons for free. The lessons were available to all community youth that wanted to be tennis players, ages 8 – 15.  
Fall 2016 we offered 12 days of  instruction to 20 unique students for a total of 121.5 student hours.
Classes were entirely on court with ROG balls. We covered basic technique, scoring, rules, and etiquette.
Spring 2017 we offered 26 days of instruction to 61 unique students for a total of 243 student/classes and 364.5 student hours. The format was short court red ball games, skill progression, tennis rules, scoring and etiquette. We typically used a “workup” format to group player with similar abilities.

School Programming

Staton-Smith Elementary in Whitehouse, TX is next to these seven hardcourt outdoor tennis courts. WISD has a set of tennis equipment that the schools may sign out and Stanton-Smith was able to have the equipment for 6 weeks / year. We have headquartered our new equipment with the gym teacher at Staton-Smith and he is now including tennis in his activity rotation 2 weeks out of every 9 weeks of school. The gym teacher reported, “It looks like the tennis equipment and the increased playing time worked! Tennis ranked 1st out of all of the sports and 2nd overall as the most liked activity/sport on our student PE survey!”


Fall 2017 

After School Programming

The new coach at WISD worked with us to provide the same format of after-school instruction for Whitehouse. We offered free lessons on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday until the tennis season for the schools ramped up and  the courts were no longer available for the program. We taught 19 unique students for a total of 102 student hours of tennis. We successfully used ROG balls as appropriate with the skill level. 


School Programming (note from PE Teacher)

"Good morning! We have not used the equipment this [school] year. We started the year trying out a new curriculum and our scope and sequence didn't call for racket skills until the second half of the year. We will change our plan during the second half of the year and we will rotate through the skills more frequently, which means we will use the equipment more often. We are ready to get on the court!"

​Coaches helped students to pursue their tennis interests.

Thank you for Growing the Game in East Texas. 

Edward Keyser – Secretary NE TX Coalition Tennis Association