USTA Texas Community Tennis Associatiion
Quarterly Confererence Call With Van Berrry
Agenda and notes
On July 19, 2016 from 12:00-12:45

  1. Welcome:

  2. Home of Texas Tennis: At the semi-annual meeting in Waco last week discussion of new USTA Texas tennis facility. Like US has moved to new facility in Florida, this would be a new Texas "Home". Idea is to have 32 outdoor courts and 8 indoor. Section offices would move to facitilty. Currently about 20 offices.

  3. Strategic Initiatives: 1 million tennis players in Texas, 55,000 are USTA members. Sportsmanship

    1. Communication

    2. Software and Technology

    3. Customer play experience: High School Blast as example of growing non-traditional

    4. Diverse population

  4. USTA Texas Volunteer: Application process streamlined

  5. Marketing

    1. The Texas Tennis Story:

      1. send info to Business owners. STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE

      2. Web pages updated for "About Us" and stories

    2. Raising the bar

  6. Q&A

  7. Thank you